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A rotolaser uses much of the same technology as autobeam artillery, but in addition to directing its beam through a rotating array of lenses, it also uses a rotating array of barrels that creates a series of short laser blasts. This rotating assembly helps the weapon to survive the heat and stress of rapid fire. Rotolasers come in tactical and advanced versions.

Laser Weapons

Laser weapons emit highly focused beams of light that deal fire damage. These beams can pass through glass and other transparent physical barriers, dealing damage to such barriers as they pass through. Barriers of energy or magical force block lasers. Invisible creatures don’t take damage from lasers, as the beams pass through them harmlessly. Fog, smoke, and other clouds provide both cover and concealment from laser attacks. Lasers can penetrate darkness, but they don’t provide any illumination.

Laser weapons use various means to concentrate beams of light into deadly intensity. Some focus light through a faceted crystal, while others focus the beam through a chemical cloud or ionized gas.

Rotolaser, Advanced

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 41
Level 7; Price 6,040
Damage 2d8 F; Range 120 ft.; Critical burn 1d6
Capacity 20 charges; Usage 1
Bulk 2; Special Automatic

Rotolaser, Tactical

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 41
Level 2; Price 720
Damage 1d8 F; Range 100 ft.; Critical burn 1d4
Capacity 20 charges; Usage 1
Bulk 2; Special Automatic