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Core Hammer

The hollow head of this two-handed hammer is filled with exceptionally dense plasma, which is released on contact with enemies, sometimes even spraying plasma on a wellplaced strike. Core hammers constructed by the followers of Angradd tend to be functional works of dark metal, where vesk models are usually designed to display the plasma behind magnetic containment. Tactical core hammers and advanced core hammers contain a stable plasma core, while fusion core hammers and reactor core hammers employ devices that focus plasma to trigger momentary flares of nuclear fusion.

Plasma Weapons

Superheated or electromagnetically charged gas becomes ionized plasma, which plasma weapons emit in a controlled blast. Ionized plasma deals both electricity and fire damage, tearing through organic flesh and metal alike. Plasma beams can be projected, as from a gun, or maintained in a steady beam with a powerful magnetic field, as the blade of a melee weapon.

Followers of Sarenrae popularized terms for the different intensities of plasma swords based on the heat they emit. The hottest, deadliest plasma weapon is a blue star, followed in descending order by white star, yellow star, red star, and finally tactical plasma weapons.

Core Hammer, Reactor

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 41
Level 20; Price 725,000
Damage 15d6 E & F; Critical jet 8d6
Bulk 2; Special powered (capacity 80; usage 8)

Core Hammer, Tactical

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 41
Level 3; Price 1,320
Damage 1d6 E & F; Critical jet 1d6
Bulk 2; Special powered (capacity 40; usage 2)

Core Hammer, Advanced

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 41
Level 8; Price 9,150
Damage 3d6 E & F; Critical jet 2d6
Bulk 2; Special powered (capacity 40; usage 2)

Core Hammer, Fusion

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 41
Level 13; Price 48,200
Damage 6d6 E & F; Critical jet 4d6
Bulk 2; Special powered (capacity 40; usage 5)