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Vampiric Charger

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 125
Level 8; Price 10,000; Bulk L


Carved to resemble a grotesque, bestial head, a vampiric charger has a wide maw with a pair of sharpened fangs serving as prongs. The charger converts life force into magical power and then into electricity.

As a move action, you can insert a battery into the vampiric charger, and as another move action, you can stab the charger's fangs into a helpless or willing creature. Your target loses 1d4+1 Hit Points, which can’t be negated or mitigated in any way without causing the charger to fail. Every round thereafter, the creature takes 1 Constitution damage, and the battery attached to the charger regains 10 charges (up to its maximum). Once attached to a creature, the vampiric charger continues to inflict Constitution damage until it is removed or the creature dies, even if the battery is fully charged. A creature can remove the charger as a move action.

Each time a battery is recharged in this way, it has a 20% chance to become corrupted. If the creature the charger is attached to dies while a battery is charging, that battery immediately becomes corrupted. Only a vampiric charger can recharge such a corrupted battery.