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Void Dust

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 126
Level 10; Price 2,550; Bulk


This powder looks like shimmering iron filings, but void dust is actually nanotech infused with magic antithetical to force effects. As a standard action, you can sprinkle the dust on something within your reach. When you sprinkle the dust on a magical force effect or a personal force field, roll 1d20 + 10 against a DC equal to 11 + the level of the caster or the item that created the force effect. If you succeed, the targeted effect is disrupted. A magical effect either ends, or, if it’s permanent or ongoing, is suppressed for 10 minutes. A personal force field is suppressed for 10 minutes. If you fail, the targeted effect is suppressed for 1 round. The time spent suppressed counts against an effect’s duration, and an item that uses battery charges still consumes those charges while suppressed.

Void dust is sold by the pinch. One pinch affects only one force effect, and the pinch is consumed whether you succeed or fail. This dust isn’t strong enough to affect starship force fields or force effects of a similar scale.