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Canu’s Cache

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 112
Level 20; Price —; Bulk


Who Canu was, if they were a person, is lost to the Gap. Canu’s cache is a bracer datapad (negligible bulk, changes to fit its user) that functions as a tier 10 computer with a personality specially attuned to you and your preferences. The device has planetary range for controlling peripheral devices. Not only does the bracer never need power, but it can also act as a recharging station (Core Rulebook 234) for up to three batteries at a time. If you’re a technomancer and use Canu’s cache as your spell cache, as part of casting a spell, you can activate this artifact three times per day to cast a spell you know of 5th level or lower, even if you lack a spell slot to do so; alternatively, you can activate the artifact in this way once per day to cast a 6th-level spell. For your cache capacitor class feature, Canu’s cache gains two slots each time your normal cache would gain one. Also, this artifact grants you the cache concentration (Starfinder Character Operations Manual 94) and summon cache (Armory 156) magic hacks.
Canu’s cache can be destroyed only by someone who uses the fuse spells feature with 2 Resolve Points and two 6th-level spell slots to cast wish to destroy the bracer; the spell slots and Resolve Points used to do so are permanently lost.