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Cover Seed

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 112
Level 2; Price 200; Bulk


About 3 inches in diameter, a typical cover seed looks like a large walnut. The Xenowardens deployed the first cover seeds, but the device now sees widespread application and equally diverse appearances.

As a move action, you can squeeze the seed to activate it and hold it or drop it in a square within your reach. Alternatively, as a standard action, you can squeeze and throw the seed (range increment 20 feet) as a ranged attack targeting a square (AC 5). At the end of the turn in which you activated the seed, it sprouts into thick vines in the square it’s in as well as 2 squares of your choice adjacent to the first. These vines form a wall 5 feet high and thick enough to provide cover to creatures in or near them. The vines’ area is difficult terrain.

A cover seed’s vines last and renew themselves for 10 rounds; if the seed lands on a surface made of a material in which plants can’t normally grow, the vines last only 5 rounds. When the duration ends, the seed and vines wither and turn to dust.