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Item Tattoo

Source Starfinder #39: The Gilded Cage pg. 53
Level 7; Price 1,560; Bulk


An artist skilled in making magical tattoos can design a tattoo that, when permanently applied to a computer, personal item, or technological item of light or negligible bulk, makes the chosen item capable of being hidden on your body in the form of a tattoo.

Detect magic and similar spells don’t reveal the magical nature of the item in its tattoo form, though true seeing does, and with a close examination, a successful DC 18 Mysticism check reveals the tattoo is magical. A successful dispel magic spell targeting the tattoo causes the item to appear and fall at your feet. The item’s bulk doesn’t impair you while in tattoo form, and you can hide or retrieve the item as a swift action. While in tattoo form, the item can’t be used or damaged.