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Fiery Runeplates

Those who serve the light sometimes wear fiery runeplates, as do those who love fire or associate with entities of elemental flame or hellfire. These rectangular copper plates are about a foot long and half as wide, and they come in a pair. They might bear fiery iconography such as that of Sarenrae, Hellknights, a mighty elemental being, or the demon lord Flauros, or they might have only their runes for decoration. You wear the plates by affixing them to clothing or armor. The plates count as a worn magic item unless you install them in armor, taking up a number of upgrade slots equal to their mark number.

While wearing fiery runeplates, as a standard action, you can command them to generate an aura of spiraling flames in all squares adjacent to your space. When a creature starts its turn in or enters the area on its turn, it takes fire damage according to the plates’ type, as shown on Table 1–26: Fiery Runeplates. A creature takes this damage only once per round and can attempt a Reflex save (see the table) to take half damage. The flames can damage flammable objects in the area.

Once the runeplates are activated, the flames persist for up to a total of 10 rounds per day. They cease immediately if you are unable to take actions, and as a move action you can end the effect entirely or suppress the flames for 1 round. Rounds in which the flames are suppressed don’t count against their daily limit. If you use a given set of fiery runeplates, you can use a different set only after 24 hours have passed.

Table 1-27: Fiery Runeplates

TypeItem LevelDamageSave DC
Mk 155 F13
Mk 2910 F15
Mk 31315 F17

Fiery Runeplates, Mk 1

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 113
Level 5; Price 3,500; Bulk 3

Fiery Runeplates, Mk 2

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 113
Level 9; Price 14,000; Bulk 3

Fiery Runeplates, Mk 3

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 113
Level 13; Price 56,000; Bulk 3