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Pathing Telescope

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 115
Level 7; Price 7,000; Bulk 2


Starfaring societies use advanced technology for viewing the stars and plotting courses among them. Triune’s clerics intertwined magic and technology to create the initial models of the pathing telescope to analyze the gulf between stars and perceive far-off worlds. Knowledge of how to build these telescopes is as freely distributed as knowledge of how to access the Drift.

When you use the Piloting skill to astrogate, you can spend 1 hour studying the stars with a pathing telescope. If you do so and successfully plot a course, you reduce the travel time to reach a satellite by half or to travel within a system to 1d4+1 days. In addition, the telescope grants you a +3 insight bonus to skill checks to avoid becoming lost, whether you’re using Piloting to navigate on a planet or Survival to orienteer.