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Skyfire Saddle

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 116
Level 5; Price 2,650; Bulk 1


The Skyfire Legion rarely uses draconic steeds these days, but the tradition of forging magic items such as the Skyfire saddle is alive and well on Triaxus. This throwback to the Skyfire Legion’s glory days sees plenty of practical use throughout the galaxy. Other institutions such as the Aspis Consortium and Starfinder Society purchase these saddles for operations on worlds where mounts are plentiful.

A Skyfire saddle provides a few benefits. When riding a creature fitted with one, reduce the DC by 5 of Survival checks attempted as part of actions to ride a creature. If the DC would be reduced to 0, you don’t need to attempt the check. In addition, when you fall from the saddle, it slows your fall, reducing the die size for falling damage by one (so 1d6 becomes 1d4). Further, anytime your mount needs to attempt a saving throw, you can spend 1 Resolve Point to either use your saving throw bonus in place of the mount’s or grant the creature a +2 insight bonus to its saving throw.