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Storage Goo

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 116
Level 5; Price 500; Bulk


When not in use, storage goo is a ball of slightly luminous putty, 6 inches in diameter, with the consistency of soft chewing gum. Skittermander mystics concocted this goo long ago as a novelty. The stuff’s usefulness, especially for smuggling, has seen its manufacture spread throughout the Veskarium and across known space.

As a standard action, you can squeeze the goo to activate it. If the goo isn’t storing any items, this causes it to glow with blue light and remain active for up to 1 minute. While the goo is active, you can store up to 1 bulk of objects within it without changing the goo’s shape or size, as the objects appear to be deconstructed into blue light. You can store analog one-handed melee weapons, tools, and other simple objects, provided the objects are no more complex than analog melee weapons and require no power.

If you activate goo that has stored objects inside, those objects reemerge, almost as if they’re being reconstructed in a display of blue light. If you’re holding the goo when the objects reemerge, you can have as many reappear in your hands as you have hands free, and the rest fall to the ground in your space. Once the goo releases stored objects, it turns to dust.