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Flash Shield Generator

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 103
Level 12; Price 32,000
Capacity 100; Usage 10/use
Hands 1; Bulk 1


This scepter-like device coalesces atmosphere into a crystalline sheet. When you activate a flash shield generator, you select one edge of a square within 10 feet of you and create a 5-footsquare vertical sheet of translucent crystal on that edge, providing partial cover against attacks coming from one side of the sheet (your choice). The flash shield must be supported by the ground or another structure when it is created, and it can’t support any weight. You can make the flash shield cloudy when you create it, which causes it to block line of sight. The flash shield is delicate and easy to break; it has an AC of 10, hardness 0, and 10 Hit Points. A flash shield disintegrates on its own after 24 hours. If you create a new flash shield within 100 feet of an existing shield, the old shield disappears, its material evaporated and transformed to create the new shield. A flash shield generator does not function where there is no atmosphere.