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Strategy Game

A staggering variety of board and computer games exists across the galaxy, from venerable board games to singleplayer computer games available on datapads or even comm units. Some are even revered pastimes in specific cultures. Only physical strategy games have bulk; computer games have no bulk but generally consume 1 charge per hour of play.

Strategy Game, Imperial Conquest

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 108
Level 5; Price 2,850
Capacity 20; Usage 1/hour
Hands —; Bulk 2


Imperial conquest is an ancient board game with deceptively simple rules and great strategic depth, and it is typically played via an elaborate holographic interface. Up to four people can play a game of imperial conquest, which generally takes 30 minutes per player. At the end of an uninterrupted game, each character who played attempts a DC 20 Intelligence check, with success granting tactical insights. For the next 8 hours, any character who succeeded at the Intelligence check gains a +1 bonus to AC against attacks of opportunity; when two players who succeeded at the Intelligence check flank the same enemy during this time, the bonus to attack rolls from flanking increases by 1. You cannot gain the advantage from more than one game of imperial conquest at a time.

Strategy Game, Basic

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 108
Level 1; Price 150
Usage Varies
Hands —; Bulk Varies


If two to six characters spend 1 hour playing a basic strategy game together, each can roll an Intelligence check, with the highest result determining the game’s winner (reroll ties). The next time the strategy game’s winner attempts to use aid another to assist any of the other players of that game session, the DC of the aid another check is reduced by 1. A single basic strategy game can provide this benefit only once per week.