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Inductive Bandolier

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 104
Level 10; Price 19,000
Capacity 40; Usage 4/round
Hands —; Bulk L


This heavy bandolier’s large, flat buckle is a metallic charging pad that charges synced devices that are within a few inches of your body, including light or heavy armor or armor upgrades installed in light or heavy armor. While the bandolier is activated, you can tap a rechargeable item to the pad to sync the item to the bandolier (the item must use charges or a battery; the inductive bandolier can’t recharge other items). The synced item regains 1 charge per minute until it is fully charged or until the synced item is more than a few inches from your body. In either case, the item is no longer synced and the bandolier vibrates slightly to alert you to the lost connection. The inductive bandolier expends its charges as long as it is activated, whether or not an item is synced to it.