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Quantum Boxes

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 107
Level 17; Price 250,000
Capacity 100; Usage See text
Hands —; Bulk 2


These silvery boxes always come in pairs, and while powerful corporations use them to smuggle items of great value, their potential applications are virtually limitless. By spending 1 minute, you can seal one item of up to 1 bulk into each quantum box, subjecting the contents of each box to quantum entanglement. This uses 25 charges and causes both items to effectively cease to exist, including for the purposes of spells and effects such as detect magic. Anytime afterward, as long as both boxes are on the same plane, you can specify either of the two entangled items and open one quantum box as a standard action that consumes 25 charges. The named item immediately appears in the opened box, and the other item immediately appears in the paired box, no matter where it is. Effects that prevent dimensional travel block activation of a quantum box, but effects that block signals do not. If either box is destroyed or otherwise disabled, the contents of both are lost.