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Searing Grip

The searing grip was originally designed for artists who craft their visions in various metals. The grip has several layers of insulation to separate the wearer’s hand from the resistance coils lining the palm and fingers; as such, the glove is often mistaken for a simple well-insulated work glove. Lengthy application of this heat can soften many metals, which aids in sculpting efforts, but even a quick touch can inflict painful burns, allowing searing grips to double as low-profile weapons. The versions typically employed by sculptors are designated low-heat and high-heat, though this is a relative distinction, as both operate at temperatures capable of dealing substantial damage. The weaponized searing grip drops the pretense of being an artist’s tool, though those trained in its use find that its functionality doesn’t differ substantially from the other models.

Flame Weapons

Flame weapons deal fire damage without using lasers or plasma. This flame damage usually comes via superheated metal coils or gas ignition, but weapon manufacturers may devise other methods as well. Flame weapons often have the ability to set targets on fire, dealing burn damage in addition to their initial fire damage when they land especially effective hits.

Most flame weapons rely on a reactive blend of hydrocarbons called petrol for ammunition, rather than batteries.

Searing Grip, High-Heat

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 39
Level 11; Price 25,200
Damage 3d8 F; Critical burn 2d6
Bulk L; Special grapple, powered (capacity 20; usage 2)

Searing Grip, Low-Heat

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 39
Level 5; Price 3,010
Damage 1d6 F; Critical burn 1d6
Bulk L; Special grapple, powered (capacity 20; usage 2)

Searing Grip, Weaponized

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 39
Level 18; Price 364,000
Damage 11d6 F; Critical burn 3d6
Bulk L; Special grapple, powered (capacity 20; usage 2)