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Dragon (Metallic)

Source Alien Archive 2 pg. 40
Dragons are powerful reptilian creatures of high intelligence and great ingenuity. The vast majority of dragons fall into one of two categories: chromatic or metallic (though other categories exist). Chromatic dragons are often evil, indulging in machinations that benefit themselves or destroy their enemies. Metallic dragons (see below) are generally good, endeavoring to improve societal conditions for everyone. Dragons usually grow larger as they age, though a few dragons undergo expensive genetic modifications to remain small enough to fit within starships and space stations built by the humanoids of the Pact Worlds. Others develop the supernatural ability to change their forms to blend in with Pact Worlds society.

Several metallic dragons lead countries and corporations found within the Drakelands of Triaxus, occasionally engaging in warfare (corporate and militaristic) with the chromatic dragons of that planet. The metallic dragons claim these struggles are for the good of those under their care, though those same people are sometimes trampled in the process.

Aliens in the "Dragon (Metallic)" Family

Adult Silver Dragon14

Dragon (Metallic), Adult Silver Dragon

Source Alien Archive 2 pg. 40

Adult Silver Dragon CR 14

XP 38,400
LG Huge dragon (cold)
Init +3; Senses blindsense (vibration) 60 ft., darkvision 120 ft., detect alignment, low-light vision; Perception +25
Aura frightful presence (200 ft., DC 22)


HP 235
EAC 28; KAC 29
Fort +14; Ref +14; Will +19
DR 10/magic; Immunities cold, paralysis, sleep; SR 25
Weaknesses vulnerable to fire


Speed 40 ft., fly 200 ft. (Ex, clumsy); cloudwalking
Melee bite +26 (6d6+22 P)
Multiattack bite +20 (3d6+22 P), 2 claws +20 (3d6+22 S), tail slap +20 (3d6+22 B)
Space 15 ft.; Reach 10 ft. (15 ft. with bite)
Offensive Abilities breath weapon (50-ft. cone, 15d8 C, Reflex DC 22 half, usable every 1d4 rounds), crush (6d6+22 B), paralyzing breath (30-ft cone, 1d6+7 rounds, DC 22)
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 14th; melee +26)
1/day—greater dispel magic, heat leech (DC 22)
3/day—greater invisibility, overload systems (DC 21), resilient sphere (DC 21), soothing protocol (DC 21)
At will—arcing surge (DC 20), probability prediction


STR +8; DEX +3; CON +3; INT +6; WIS +3; CHA +4
Feats Mobility, Spring Attack
Skills Acrobatics +25 (+17 to fly), Computers +30, Diplomacy +30, Disguise +25, Life Science +30, Mysticism +25, Physical Science +30, Sense Motive +25
Languages Auran, Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Terran
Other Abilities change shape (animal or humanoid)


Environment any
Organization solitary

Special Abilities

Cloudwalking (Su) A silver dragon can tread on clouds or fog as though on solid ground.

Paralyzing Breath (Su) Instead of a cone of cold, a silver dragon can breathe a 30-foot cone of paralyzing gas. Each creature within the cone that inhales the gas must succeed at a Fortitude save or be paralyzed for 1d6 rounds plus a number of additional rounds equal to half the dragon’s CR.

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