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Azlanti Royal Battle Regalia

Source Starfinder #9: The Rune Drive Gambit pg. 36
Level 7; Price 8,000; Category Light
EAC Bonus +7; KAC Bonus +8; Max. Dex Bonus +5
Armor Check Penalty —; Speed Adjustment
Upgrade Slots 4; Bulk 1


Extremely rare, suits of Azlanti royal battle regalia are reserved for the upper echelons of Azlanti nobility and are usually marked with insignia of the wearer’s lineage. When caught, any non-Azlanti audacious enough to don one of these ceremonial suits is tortured for years before being put to death.

A suit of Azlanti royal battle regalia is a 7th-level suit of light armor that provides a +7 bonus to EAC and a +8 bonus to KAC. It has a maximum Dexterity bonus of +5 and no armor check penalty. The suit has 4 upgrade slots, one of which can be used only to hold an aeon stone. The wearer gains a +4 circumstance bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidation checks against Azlanti. Finally, each suit has a special contingency mechanism that activates once per day when its wearer is reduced to 15 or fewer Hit Points, whisking him away to a spot he visualizes as if he were targeted with a dimension door spell. A suit of Azlanti royal battle regalia costs 8,000 credits (though it is sold only in the Azlanti Star Empire to members of the nobility) and has 1 bulk. Though it is a magic suit of armor, it doesn’t count as a worn item.