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Fighting Styles

The following fighting styles represent those most commonly chosen by soldiers. Each fighting style lists the style techniques you learn as you gain levels.

Pistol Dancer

Source Starfinder #25: The Chimera Mystery pg. 50
A soldier’s familiar rifles and heavy weapons are often too obvious for discreet work, but pistols are easily concealed and, in the right hands, elegant engines of death. The pistol dancer combat style teaches you to wield small arms to devastating effect while moving with precision to sidestep the usual tactics employed by other gunfighters.

Small Arm Tango (Ex) - 1st Level

You learn to treat a pistol as an extension of your body. Sleight of Hand becomes a class skill for you. You can reload a small arm as a swift action, and you can wield a small arm in melee combat as if it were a battleglove with an item level equal to or lower than your soldier level.

Staccato Strut (Ex) - 5th Level

When you make a full attack with small arms and target a different creature with each attack, reduce the penalty to each attack by 1.

Ricochet Waltz (Ex) - 9th Level

When you fight defensively, double the bonus to your Armor Class against attacks from small arms and longarms.

Pistol Pirouette (Ex) - 13th Level

As a full action when you are wielding two or more identical small arms, you can spend 1 Resolve Point to fire them all simultaneously to shoot at all creatures in a burst centered on you with a radius equal to one-quarter the weapon’s range increment. This otherwise duplicates the effect of an automatic weapon.

Choreography of Death (Ex) - 17th Level

You gain a cumulative +2 insight bonus to damage rolls for every previous successful ranged or melee attack with a small arm in the same combat, to a maximum bonus equal to half your soldier level. The bonus doesn’t reset if you miss with an attack, but it does if you didn’t spend the previous round attacking with a small arm.