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Mi-Go Hollowskin

Source Alien Archive 2 pg. 83
Level 7; Price 5,500; Bulk L


Mi-go use the body parts of humanoid creatures— predominantly the hollowed head, severed hands, and parts of the neural and circulatory tissue—to create mi-go hollowskins. Fungal mycelia connect and strengthen the other portions. Mi-go wear these macabre devices to appear to be the individual from which the humanoid tissue comes. You can wear a mi-go hollowskin only if you are Medium or Small. While wearing the skin, you can activate it as a standard action to appear to be the specific person the device was made from, using Mysticism as if it were Disguise for your check. The DC of this check doesn’t increase for changes in features, size, race, or creature type except against Perception checks that involve physical examination of body parts other than the hands and head. This altered appearance lasts for 1 hour, after which the hollowskin can be activated again.