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Traction Holster

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 109
Level 7; Price 6,000
Capacity 80; Usage 10/minute
Hands —; Bulk L


This flat, metal plate usually appears to be a simple rectangle about 1 foot long with a textile belt or armband firmly attached to one side. As a full action, you can activate a traction holster by pressing a longarm, one-handed melee weapon, small arm, or piece of equipment of no more than 1 bulk flat against it, creating a quasi-magnetic bond with the weapon. Only one weapon at a time can be paired in this way. Thereafter, when you drop the weapon or it would otherwise land adjacent to you, it is automatically drawn into the traction holster as though you had spent a move action to sheathe or holster it. The holster does not protect a paired weapon against disarm combat maneuvers. A traction holster operates until it runs out of charges or until you take a full action to break the connection between the traction holster and its current weapon by holding down a small reset button.