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Functioning similarly to cybernetics, biotech items include modifications to your DNA combined with implants of biological origin that integrate into your physiology. Biotech mostly operates by the same rules as cybernetics and uses the same implantation slots.

Gill Sheath195Lungs
Pressurized Lungs1130Lungs
Restraining Spinneret1330Hand
Photoenergetic Node2625Hand
Venom Spur2625Hand
Resistant Hide, Mk 12700Skin
Dragon Gland, Wyrmling2755Throat
Swimming Fins2850All feet
Adaptive Biochains3Varies
Climbing Suckers31,200All feet
Mighty Vocal Cords31,275Throat
Clinging Hands31,350All hands
Resistant Hide, Mk 241,900Skin
Focusing Membrane, Mk 141,925Eyes
Glass Skin42,000Skin
Tympanal Cluster42,150Ears
Ocucloak Processor42,200Brain
Shotalashu Link Cortex42,500Brain
Machine Telepathy Cluster52,500Brain
Regenerative Blood, Mk 153,250Heart
Filament Mesh, Mk 153,450Skin
Eagle Eyes64,000Eyes
Skin of the Chameleon64,050Skin
Cerebral Countermeasures64,200Brain
Resistant Hide, Mk 375,890Skin
Ultralight Wings, Strix76,400All arms
Moonflower Lightgraft88,500Hand
Regenerative Blood, Mk 28110,100Heart
Focusing Membrane, Mk 2913,260Eyes
Shock Fist, Static915,600Hand
Resistant Hide, Mk 41017,000Skin
Filament Mesh, Mk 21017,500Skin
Prehensile Tail1017,900Spinal column
Dragon Gland, Standard1019,125Throat
Backup Lobe1123,400Brain
Ultralight Wings, Angel1128,600All arms
Regenerative Blood, Mk 31238,500Heart
Shock Fist, Aurora1241,400Hand
Resistant Hide, Mk 51346,350Skin
Ultralight Wings, Dragon1480,300All arms
Regenerative Blood, Mk 415122,000Heart
Dragon Gland, Wyrm16181,500Throat
Resistant Hide, Mk 617230,850Skin
Shock Fist, Storm17297,000Hand
Cleansing Breath18342,000Lungs
Regenerative Blood, Mk 519605,000Heart
Shock Fist, Tempest201,075,000Hand