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Alien Archive 2

Estimated Release Date: 10/17/2018
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Afflictions - Drugs [1]


Aliens [126]

Aasimar (Planar Scion), Adult Nyssholora (Nyssholora), Adult Silver Dragon (Dragon (Metallic)), Akata, Anacite Ambassador (Anacite), Anacite Predator Drone (Anacite), Anchorite (Velstrac), Arquand Gazelle, Assassin Robot (Robot), Asteroid Louse (Vermin (Space)), Bodysnatcher Autocrat (Bodysnatcher Slime), Bodysnatcher Slime, Bolida Miner (Bolida), Bolida Overseer (Bolida), Bone Trooper Captain (Bone Trooper), Bone Trooper Technomancer (Bone Trooper), Calecor, Ceratopsid (Dinosaur), Cerebric Fungus, Cerebric Fungus Voyager (Cerebric Fungus), Colossal Herd Animal (Herd Animal), Colossal Predator (Predator), Colour out of Space, Comet Wasp Swarm (Vermin (Space)), Computer Glitch Gremlin (Gremlin), Corpsefolk Marine (Corpsefolk), Corpsefolk Operative (Corpsefolk), Cybernetic Golem (Golem), Damai, Damai Guardian (Damai), Dreamer, Dromaeosaurid (Dinosaur), Dust Manta, Dust Manta Monarch (Dust Manta), Embri, Embri Speaker (Embri), Emotivore, Emotivore Mastermind (Emotivore), Feral Shotalashu (Shotalashu), Formian Myrmarch (Formian), Formian Taskmaster (Formian), Garaggakal, Garaggakal Polymath (Garaggakal), Gargantuan Herd Animal (Herd Animal), Gargantuan Predator (Predator), Ghoran Flora-Shaper (Ghoran), Ghoran World-Tamer (Ghoran), Ghost, Ghoul, Ghoul Shock Trooper (Ghoul), Glass Serpent, Haeshi-Shaa (Haeshi Form) (Haeshi-Shaa), Haeshi-Shaa (Shaa Form) (Haeshi-Shaa), Hashukayak, Hobgoblin Lieutenant (Hobgoblin), Hobgoblin Trooper (Hobgoblin), Huge Herd Animal (Herd Animal), Huge Predator (Predator), Ja Noi (Oni), Juvenile Nyssholora (Nyssholora), Juvenile Solar Wisp (Solar Wisp), Kanabo Commando (Oni), Khefak, Large Herd Animal (Herd Animal), Large Predator (Predator), Living Apocalypse, Mature Solar Wisp (Solar Wisp), Medium Herd Animal (Herd Animal), Medium Predator (Predator), Mi-Go, Mi-Go High Priest (Mi-Go), Moon Giant (Giant), Moonflower, Moonflower Titan (Moonflower), Nanotech Golem (Golem), Necropede (Vermin (Space)), Old Void Dragon (Dragon (Outer)), Orc Technician (Orc), Orc Trooper (Orc), Osharu, Osharu Headteacher (Osharu), Pahtra Inquisitive (Pahtra), Pahtra Stalker (Pahtra), Phentomite, Phentomite Bridger (Phentomite), Planetoid Beetle (Vermin (Space)), Plasma Ooze, Plesiosaur (Dinosaur), Pluprex (Demon), Predator Swarm (Predator), Prexian Mutantspawn (Demon), Pterosaur (Dinosaur), Quorlu, Quorlu Sapper (Quorlu), Ravai, Sauropod (Dinosaur), Shantak, Ship Glitch Gremlin (Gremlin), Shipmind, Shotalashu, Siege Robot (Robot), Small Herd Animal (Herd Animal), Small Predator (Predator), Squox, Stellar Protozoa (Starship), Swarm Dreadlancer (Starship), Swarm Mindreaper (The Swarm), Tashtari, Tashtari Alpha (Tashtari), Tekhoinos (Aeon), Thasteron Khefak (Khefak), Theropod (Dinosaur), Thyreophoran (Dinosaur), Tiefling (Planar Scion), Trained Squox (Squox), Tritidair (Azata), Trox, Trox Defensor (Trox), Uplifted Bear Avenger (Bear (Uplifted)), Uplifted Bear Constellate (Bear (Uplifted)), Vermelith (Starship), Vlaka Handler (Vlaka), Vlaka Tracker (Vlaka), Void Zombie (Akata), Warmonger Devil (Levaloch) (Devil), Warpmoth Swarm (Vermin (Space))

Equipment - Armor [12]

Dust Manta Hide (Advanced), Dust Manta Hide (Basic), Skitterhide (I), Fossilwrap (I), Fossilwrap (II), Skitterhide (II), Skitterhide (III), Fossilwrap (III), Formian Plate (Myrmarch), Formian Plate (Taskmaster), Formian Plate (Warrior), Formian Plate (Worker)

Equipment - Armor Upgrades [5]

Lightwrap Inlay, Adaptive Defense (Mk 1), Adaptive Defense (Mk 2), Adaptive Defense (Mk 3), Pet Carrier

Equipment - Biotech [9]

Cerebral Countermeasures, Glass Skin, Filament Mesh (Mk 1), Focusing Membrane (Mk 1), Focusing Membrane (Mk 2), Filament Mesh (Mk 2), Moonflower Lightgraft, Photoenergetic Node, Shotalashu Link Cortex

Equipment - Computer Modifications [1]

Telepathic User Interface

Equipment - Hybrid Items [3]

Mi-Go Brain Cylinder, Mi-Go Hollowskin, Shotalashu Saddle

Equipment - Magic Items [7]

Arquand Horns, Arquand Manacles, Calecor Skull-Globe, Gravity Serum, Haeshi-Shaa Serum, Hivemask, Shantak Whistle

Equipment - Powered Armor [1]

Laborer Frame

Equipment - Special Materials [2]

Khefak Armor (Khefak), Khefak Armor (Thasteron Khefak)

Equipment - Technological Items [1]

Plasma Diverter

Equipment - Weapon Fusions [3]

Leeching, Synesthetic, Tritidair

Equipment - Weapons [34]

Dueling Sword (Corpse Fleet) (Admiral), Velstrac Flenser (Ascetic), Dueling Sword (Corpse Fleet) (Converted), Velstrac Flenser (Debater), Trident (Levaloch) (Dimensional Slice), Apocalypse Crystal (Greater), Photino Crystals (Greater), Phasic Scythe (Harmonic), Photino Crystals (Least), Apocalypse Crystal (Least), Apocalypse Crystal (Lesser), Photino Crystals (Lesser), Photino Crystals (Minor), Apocalypse Crystal (Minor), Heat-Amp Gauntlet (Mk 1), Heat-Amp Gauntlet (Mk 2), Heat-Amp Gauntlet (Mk 3), Heat-Amp Gauntlet (Mk 4), Trident (Levaloch) (Molecular Rift), Phasic Scythe (Monophonic), Phasic Scythe (Multiphonic), Dueling Sword (Corpse Fleet) (Officer), Phasic Scythe (Polyphonic), Velstrac Flenser (Recluse), Photino Crystals (Shard), Apocalypse Crystal (Shard), Velstrac Flenser (Singer), Trident (Levaloch) (Sintered), Apocalypse Crystal (Standard), Photino Crystals (Standard), Trident (Levaloch) (Tactical), Apocalypse Crystal (True), Photino Crystals (True), Trident (Levaloch) (Ultrathin)

Feats [2]

Polymorph Adept, Squox Companion

Races [16]

Aasimar, Bear (Uplifted), Bolida, Damai, Embri, Ghoran, Hobgoblin, Kanabo, Orc, Osharu, Pahtra, Phentomite, Quorlu, Tiefling, Trox, Vlaka

Rules [21]

Ability Scores, Appearance, Appendix 2: Environmental Grafts, Appendix 3: Polymorphing, Equipment, Features, Forms, Guidelines, Hit Points and Stamina Points, Initiative, Multiple Effects, Natural Attacks, Polymorph Rules, Resolve Points, Size, Skills, Special Abilities, Speech, Speed, Spells, Type and Subtype

Spells [4]

Baleful Polymorph, Baleful Polymorph (Mass), Polymorph (Mass), Polymorph

Starship - Base Frames [1]


Starship - Examples [2]

Dominion Seeder (Shipmind), Velstrac Corvette (Velstrac Starships)

Starship - Weapons [2]

Heavy Cytoplasm Launcher, Light Cytoplasm Weapons

Template Grafts [62]

Aasimar (Planar Scion), Aeon (Creature Subtype), Airborne (Environmental), Aquatic (Environmental), Arboreal (Environmental), Arctic (Environmental), Azata (Creature Subtype), Bone Trooper (Other), Brass Dragon (Dragon (Metallic)), Bronze Dragon (Dragon (Metallic)), Cloud Giant (Giant), Cold (Creature Subtype), Colour-Blighted (Colour out of Space), Copper Dragon (Dragon (Metallic)), Corpsefolk (Other), Damai (Creature Subtype), Demon (Creature Subtype), Desert (Environmental), Devil (Creature Subtype), Earth (Creature Subtype), Elemental (Creature Subtype), Emotivore (Other), Fire (Creature Subtype), Forest (Environmental), Ghast (Ghoul), Ghost (Other), Ghoul, Giant (Creature Subtype), Goblinoid (Creature Subtype), Gold Dragon (Dragon (Metallic)), Incorporeal (Creature Subtype), Khizar (Creature Subtype), Lacedon (Ghoul), Lunar Dragon (Dragon (Outer)), Marsh (Environmental), Moon Giant (Giant), Mountain (Environmental), Oni (Creature Subtype), Orc (Creature Subtype), Pahtra (Creature Subtype), Phentomite (Creature Subtype), Plains (Environmental), Radioactive (Environmental), Shapechanger (Creature Subtype), Silver Dragon (Dragon (Metallic)), Solar (Environmental), Solar Dragon (Dragon (Outer)), Space (Environmental), Stone Giant (Giant), Storm Giant (Giant), Strix (Creature Subtype), Subterranean (Environmental), Swarm (Creature Subtype), Thermic (Environmental), Tiefling (Planar Scion), Time Dragon (Dragon (Outer)), Velstrac (Creature Subtype), Vlaka (Creature Subtype), Void Dragon (Dragon (Outer)), Void Zombie (Other), Vortex Dragon (Dragon (Outer)), Water (Creature Subtype)

Universal Monster Rules [56]

Alien Presence, Amorphous, Amphibious, Attach, Aura, Breath Weapon, Change Shape, Compression, Construct Immunities, Crush, Dependency, Detect Alignment, Distraction, Elemental Immunities, Engulf, Fast Healing, Ferocious Charge, Ferocity, Fly, Frightful Presence, Gaze, Grab, Immunity, Integrated Weapons, Light Blindness, Mindless, Multiarmed, Multiattack, Natural Weapons, No Breath, Ooze Immunities, Plant Immunities, Regeneration, Resistance, See in Darkness, Sightless, Solar Adaptation, Spaceflight, Spider Climb, Stellar Alignment, Summon Allies, Swallow Whole, Swarm Attack, Swarm Defenses, Swarm Immunities, Tracking, Trample, Truespeech, Undead Immunities, Unflankable, Unliving, Void Adaptation, Vortex, Vulnerability, Water Breathing, Whirlwind