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Small Arms

Small arms are handheld ranged weapons that can be held and operated with one hand. Various pistols are the most common type, though many types of small arms exist. Small arms require a battery or ammunition of the proper size and type to function.

One-Handed Weapons

Needler Pistol11051d4 P30 ft.injection DC +26 darts1Lanalog, injection
Graviton Pistol, Linear31,4500 ft.knockdown20 charges42gravitation (10 ft.)
Nightarch Needler, Tactical31,6501d6 P30 ft.injection dc +25 darts1Lanalog, injection
Shield Projector, Sentry42,18040 ft.40 charges42shield 1d4, unwieldy
Sting Pistol, Ant42,1501d8 A & B20 ft.corrode 1d620 charges5Lliving
Graviton Pistol, Vector53,05060 ft.knockdown40 charges42gravitation (15 ft.)
Tetrad Rings, Tactical76,9001d6 B40 ft.push (5 ft.)20 charges2Lforce
Graviton Pistol, Tensor89,80060 ft.knockdown40 charges42gravitation (20 ft.)
Nightarch Needler, Advanced86,2702d6 P30 ft.injection dc +25 darts1Lanalog, injection
Shield Projector, Defender913,80040 ft.80 charges102shield 2d6, unwieldy
Sting Pistol, Yellow Jacket1018,5002d8 A & B40 ft.corrode 2d620 charges4Lliving
Tetrad Rings, Advanced1239,0002d6 B60 ft.push (5 ft.)20 charges2Lforce
Graviton Pistol, Chiral1349,50060 ft.knockdown40 charges42gravitation (25 ft.)
Nightarch Needler, Elite1344,9804d6 P30 ft.injection dc +25 darts1Lanalog, injection
Shield Projector, Guardian1475,20040 ft.80 charges162shield 2d12, unwieldy
Sting Pistol, Wasp15113,0005d8 A & B60 ft.corrode 3d640 charges4Lliving
Nightarch Needler, Paragon18369,0008d6 P30 ft.injection dc +25 darts1Lanalog, injection
Sting Pistol, Hornet18381,0006d8 A & B80 ft.corrode 4d640 charges2Lliving
Shield Projector, Warden19594,00040 ft.100 charges202shield 4d12, unwieldy
Tetrad Rings, Elite19620,0005d6 B60 ft.push (10 ft.)20 charges2Lforce
Hail Pistol, SubzeroCryo11201d4 C & P20 ft.bleed 1d420 charges1L
Subduer, FrostCryo27901d3 C40 ft.staggered20 charges1Lnonlethal
Bone Pistol, Grave-ClassCryo39001d4 C40 ft.20 charges4Lantibiological
Frailty Pistol, Rasp-ClassCryo42,4201d4 C60 ft.10 charges1Lnecrotic
Shadow Pistol, CaliginousCryo42,1001d4 C60 ft.blind40 charges4L
Zero Pistol, Frostbite-ClassCryo53,0601d6 C60 ft.staggered20 charges1L
Bone Pistol, Crypt-ClassCryo64,3501d6 C40 ft.20 charges4Lantibiological
Shadow Pistol, SableCryo76,7501d10 C60 ft.blind40 charges4L
Hail Pistol, GelidCryo88,6002d6 C & P20 ft.bleed 1d620 charges1L
Frailty Pistol, Wail-ClassCryo915,4002d4 C60 ft.20 charges2Lnecrotic
Subduer, RimeCryo913,2001d12 C60 ft.staggered20 charges1Lnonlethal
Zero Pistol, Hailstorm-ClassCryo1016,9002d6 C60 ft.staggered40 charges2L
Bone Pistol, Sepulcher-ClassCryo1125,5002d8 C40 ft.20 charges4Lantibiological
Shadow Pistol, TenebrousCryo1235,4002d10 C60 ft.blind40 charges4L
Subduer, SleetCryo1350,5003d6 C60 ft.staggered20 charges1Lnonlethal
Frailty Pistol, Scream-ClassCryo1485,8004d4 C60 ft.20 charges2Lnecrotic
Hail Pistol, UltracoldCryo1463,2003d8 C & P40 ft.bleed 1d820 charges2L
Zero Pistol, Blizzard-ClassCryo1594,5004d6 C60 ft.staggered40 charges2L
Subduer, GlacierCryo16169,0003d10 C60 ft.staggered20 charges1Lnonlethal
Hail Pistol, Absolute-ZeroCryo17218,0005d8 C & P40 ft.bleed 1d1020 charges2L
Bone Pistol, Vault-ClassCryo18591,0005d8 C40 ft.40 charges4Lantibiological
Frailty Pistol, Deathcry-ClassCryo18440,0006d4 C60 ft.40 charges4Lnecrotic
Zero Pistol, Avalanche-ClassCryo19492,9006d6 C60 ft.staggered80 charges4L
Shadow Pistol, UmbralCryo20855,0005d10 C60 ft.blind40 charges4L
Disruption Pistol, MinorDimensional Disruption77,5002d6 So40 ft.staggered20 charges2Lboost 1d6, relic
Disruption Pistol, MajorDimensional Disruption1240,0003d6 So40 ft.staggered40 charges4Lboost 2d6, relic
Decoupler, BruiserDisintegrator14301d4 A20 ft.demoralize20 charges2L
Decoupler, PusherDisintegrator42,3001d6 A30 ft.demoralize40 charges2L
Disintegration Pistol, LiquidatorDisintegrator64,5001d10 A15 ft.20 charges2L
Disintegrator Pistol, LiquidatorDisintegrator64,5001d10 A15 ft.20 charges2L
Decoupler, ScreamerDisintegrator810,8001d10 A30 ft.demoralize40 charges2L
Disintegration Pistol, DecimatorDisintegrator1128,0001d20 A20 ft.20 charges2L
Disintegrator Pistol, DecimatorDisintegrator1128,0001d20 A20 ft.20 charges2L
Disintegration Pistol, ExecutionerDisintegrator16200,0002d20 A25 ft.corrode 1d640 charges4L
Disintegrator Pistol, ExecutionerDisintegrator16200,0002d20 A25 ft.corrode 1d640 charges4L
Disintegration Pistol, EradicatorDisintegrator20745,0003d20 A30 ft.corrode 2d640 charges4L
Disintegrator Pistol, EradicatorDisintegrator20745,0003d20 A30 ft.corrode 2d640 charges4L
Flare Gun, SurvivalFlame1901d3 F30 ft.burn 1d61 flare1Lanalog, bright
Mercy Pistol, IlluminatorFlame12751d6 F20 ft.20 charges2LNonlethal
Flame PistolFlame24701d4 F20 ft.burn 1d420 petrol4Lline, unwieldy
Wave Modulator, IFlame21,0801d4 F|so30 ft.20 charges4Lmodal (sonic)
Shellgun, BombardFlame31,1501d6 F10 ft.burn 1d41 shell1L
Scorchgun, MicrowaveFlame42,0501d6 F60 ft.20 charges1Lstun
Dragon Pistol, WyrmlingFlame52,6501d6 F30 ft.burn 1d620 petrol1L
Trilaser, TacticalFlame53,2001d6 F80 ft.burn 1d420 charges1Laeon
Wave Modulator, IIFlame53,4001d6 F|so30 ft.20 charges4Lmodal (sonic)
Mercy Pistol, InfraredFlame64,3002d6 F20 ft.20 charges2LNonlethal
Radshot, ElectromagneticFlame64,0102d4 F40 ft.irradiate40 charges1Lradioactive
Flame Pistol, BlazeFlame75,5002d4 F20 ft.burn 1d420 petrol5Lline, unwieldy
Scorchgun, S-BandFlame89,3501d10 F60 ft.20 charges1Lstun
Wave Modulator, IIIFlame811,0002d4 F|so30 ft.20 charges4Lmodal (sonic)
Shellgun, BlazeFlame911,5002d6 F20 ft.burn 1d62 shells2L
Dragon Pistol, DrakeFlame1017,0003d4 F30 ft.burn 2d420 petrol1L
Trilaser, AdvancedFlame1017,6002d6 F90 ft.burn 2d440 charges2Laeon
Flame Pistol, InfernoFlame1123,0002d8 F30 ft.burn 1d820 petrol5Lline, unwieldy
Mercy Pistol, UltravioletFlame1125,0004d6 F30 ft.20 charges2LNonlethal
Wave Modulator, IVFlame1128,6002d8 F|so30 ft.20 charges4Lmodal (sonic)
Shellgun, FuryFlame1230,5003d6 F20 ft.burn 2d68 shells8L
Scorchgun, C-BandFlame1349,1002d10 F60 ft.20 charges1Lstun
Radshot, NeutronFlame1469,5005d4 F40 ft.irradiate80 charges2Lradioactive
Wave Modulator, VFlame1481,0002d10 F|so60 ft.20 charges4Lmodal (sonic)
Dragon Pistol, WyvernFlame1595,0004d6 F30 ft.burn 3d620 petrol1L
Trilaser, EliteFlame15105,6004d6 F90 ft.burn 3d440 charges2Laeon
Scorchgun, K-BandFlame16165,0003d10 F60 ft.20 charges1Lstun
Wave Modulator, VIFlame16195,0003d10 F|so60 ft.40 charges4Lmodal (sonic)
Flame Pistol, Solar FlareFlame17220,0003d10 F30 ft.burn 2d620 petrol5Lline, unwieldy
Scorchgun, X-BandFlame18368,0003d10 F60 ft.20 charges1Lstun
Dragon Pistol, TrueFlame19489,0005d8 F40 ft.burn 5d620 petrol1L
Radshot, Rapid-DecayFlame20767,00011d4 F40 ft.irradiate80 charges4Lradioactive
Trilaser, ParagonFlame20739,2508d6 F100 ft.burn 4d480 charges4Laeon
Wave Modulator, VIIFlame20919,0004d10 F|so80 ft.40 charges4Lmodal (sonic)
Laser Pistol, AzimuthLaser13501d4 F80 ft.burn 1d420 charges1L
Shoulder Laser, AzimuthLaser28701d3 F40 ft.20 charges1Lintegrated (1 slot)
Membrane Holdout PistolLaser31,2501d6 F80 ft.burn 1d620 charges1L
Compliance Ray, FlashLaser31,4001d6 F60 ft.blind24 charges1Lnonlethal
Lens Pistol, CylindricalLaser41,8501d8 F80 ft.burn 1d429 charges2Lunwieldy
Laser Pistol, CoronaLaser64,2702d4 F90 ft.burn 1d420 charges1L
Compliance Ray, FlareLaser76,4002d4 F6 ft.blind25 charges1Lnonlethal
Shoulder Laser, CoronaLaser89,7001d8 F40 ft.burn 1d621 charges1Lintegrated (1 slot)
Laser Pistol, AphelionLaser914,8203d4 F90 ft.burn 1d440 charges2Lboost 1d4
Lens Pistol, LenticularLaser1017,1002d8 F80 ft.burn 1d840 charges4Lunwieldy
Compliance Ray, StrobeLaser1125,1004d4 F60 ft.blind26 charges1Lnonlethal
Laser Pistol, PerihelionLaser1240,2004d4 F90 ft.burn 2d440 charges2L
Shoulder Laser, AphelionLaser1351,5002d8 F40 ft.burn 2d622 charges1Lintegrated (1 slot)
Laser Pistol, ParallaxLaser1482,0005d4 F90 ft.burn 3d480 charges4Lboost 2d4
Compliance Ray, StarburstLaser15171,0006d4 F60 ft.blind27 charges1Lnonlethal
Lens Pistol, ElectronLaser16146,0004d8 F100 ft.burn 2d880 charges5Lunwieldy
Laser Pistol, ZenithLaser17245,2008d4 F100 ft.burn 4d480 charges4L
Shoulder Laser, PerihelionLaser18383,0003d8 F40 ft.burn 3d623 charges1Lintegrated (1 slot)
Compliance Ray, SunspotLaser19545,0009d4 F80 ft.blind28 charges1Lnonlethal
Lens Pistol, SunglassLaser20728,0007d8 F120 ft.burn 3d880 charges8Lunwieldy
Plasma Claw, ElectocellularPlasma12801d4 E & F20 ft.20 charges2Lliving
Forked Pistol, 6-NotchPlasma27201d3 E & F30 ft.burn 1d420 charges1Lboost 1
Cavitation Pistol, VaporPlasma31,4301d6 E & F20 ft.pulse 1d420 charges5Lunwieldy
Plasma Ring, Single-ValvePlasma42,3501d4 E & F40 ft.wound40 charges4L
Plasma Claw, SynthecitePlasma53,3501d6 E & F30 ft.20 charges4Lliving
Forked Pistol, 8-NotchPlasma64,1001d4 E & F30 ft.burn 1d420 charges1Lboost 1d4
Plasma Pistol, Red StarPlasma77,2001d8 E & F20 ft.burn 1d820 charges4Lline, unwieldy
Cavitation Pistol, InertialPlasma89,7002d6 E & F20 ft.pulse 1d640 charges5Lunwieldy
PersuaderPlasma913,5002d4 E & F30 ft.wound20 charges2Lboost 1d4
Plasma Claw, OrganicPlasma1020,1002d6 E & F30 ft.40 charges8Lliving
Plasma Ring, Dual-ValvePlasma112,7002d8 E & F50 ft.wound40 charges4L
Plasma Pistol, Yellow StarPlasma1240,3002d8 E & F25 ft.burn 1d840 charges8Lline, unwieldy
Forked Pistol, 9-NotchPlasma1348,1004d4 E & F30 ft.burn 3d440 charges2Lboost 2d4
Cavitation Pistol, HydrodynamicPlasma1475,2002d12 E & F40 ft.pulse 2d640 charges8Lunwieldy
Plasma Pistol, White StarPlasma15107,5003d8 E & F30 ft.burn 2d8100 charges20Lline, unwieldy
Plasma Claw, BiodynamicPlasma16189,0004d6 E & F30 ft.40 charges8Lliving
Plasma Ring, MultichannelPlasma17280,0004d8 E & F60 ft.wound40 charges4L
Cavitation Pistol, ThermodynamicPlasma18584,0003d12 E & F20 ft.pulse 3d680 charges10Lunwieldy
Plasma Pistol, Blue StarPlasma19565,0005d8 E & F40 ft.burn 3d8100 charges20Lline, unwieldy
Forked Pistol, 10-NotchPlasma20801,0009d4 E & F30 ft.burn 4d440 charges4Lboost 5d4
Semi-Auto Pistol, TacticalProjectile12601d6 P30 ft.9 rounds1Lanalog
Ember Pistol, Truth-SequenceProjectile25251d6 P30 ft.burn 1d48 rounds1L
Handcannon, BravadoProjectile27901d8 P20 ft.knockdown1 shell11analog, free hands (1), unwieldy
Injector Pistol, MedicProjectile31,2901d6 P40 ft.injection DC +210 darts1Linjection
Rotating Pistol, TacticalProjectile41,9002d4 P20 ft.4 rounds1Lanalog, conceal
Injector Pistol, ZoologistProjectile52,8901d8 P60 ft.injection dc +320 darts1Linjection
Handcannon, SwaggerProjectile64,3501d12 P40 ft.knockdown6 shells11analog, free hands (1), unwieldy
Ember Pistol, Salvation-SequenceProjectile75,7002d6 P30 ft.burn 1d410 rounds1L
Semi-Auto Pistol, AdvancedProjectile75,5002d6 P60 ft.12 rounds1Lanalog
Injector Pistol, PoacherProjectile89,0502d6 P60 ft.injection dc +421 darts1Linjection
Handcannon, BombastProjectile913,2002d10 P40 ft.knockdown8 shells11analog, free hands (1), unwieldy
Semi-Auto Pistol, EliteProjectile1018,2003d6 P60 ft.12 rounds1Lanalog
Ember Pistol, Valor-SequenceProjectile1123,4003d6 P40 ft.burn 2d412 rounds1L
Rotating Pistol, AdvancedProjectile1123,4004d4 P30 ft.8 rounds1Lanalog, conceal
Handcannon, BraggadocioProjectile1235,1003d8 P40 ft.knockdown9 shells11analog, free hands (1), unwieldy
Semi-Auto Pistol, ParagonProjectile1345,2004d6 P60 ft.16 rounds1Lanalog
Ember Pistol, Glory-SequenceProjectile1465,8004d6 P40 ft.burn 2d616 rounds1L
Injector Pistol, SubjugationProjectile1468,5005d6 P80 ft.injection dc +522 darts1Linjection
Gyrojet Pistol, TacticalProjectile1591,5003d12 B80 ft.knockdown8 mini-rockets1Lanalog
Rotating Pistol, EliteProjectile16153,0008d4 P40 ft.9 rounds1Lanalog, conceal
Gyrojet Pistol, AdvancedProjectile17212,7004d12 B80 ft.knockdown8 mini-rockets1Lanalog
Handcannon, GasconadeProjectile18364,0008d8 P40 ft.knockdown12 shells11analog, free hands (1), unwieldy
Injector Pistol, EliteProjectile19532,0009d6 P80 ft.injection dc +623 darts1Linjection
Gyrojet Pistol, EliteProjectile20715,8005d12 B80 ft.knockdown8 mini-rockets1Lanalog
Pulsecaster PistolShock12501d4 E30 ft.20 charges1Lnonlethal
Arc Pistol, StaticShock27501d6 E50 ft.arc 220 charges2Lstun
Handcoil, ExplorerShock31,2001d6 E40 ft.arc 1d620 charges2L
Anchor Pistol, VoltaicShock42,1001d6 E40 ft.bind40 charges2Lnonlethal
Lightning Pistol, SheetShock53,0001d6 E20 ft.40 charges4Lline, stun, unwieldy
Ionizer, CupricShock64,6502d4 E30 ft.arc 1d620 charges1Lintegrated (2 slots), unwieldy
Handcoil, FighterShock75,6001d10 E40 ft.arc 1d1020 charges2L
Lightning Pistol, RibbonShock89,7001d8 E30 ft.40 charges5Lline, stun, unwieldy
Anchor Pistol, EmergentShock913,2002d6 E40 ft.bind40 charges4Lnonlethal
Ionizer, FericShock1020,1004d4 E30 ft.arc 2d420 charges1Lintegrated (2 slots), unwieldy
Handcoil, PilotShock1124,0002d8 E60 ft.arc 2d840 charges4L
Lightning Pistol, RocketShock1237,0002d8 E30 ft.40 charges8Lline, stun, unwieldy
Arc Pistol, AuroraShock1345,7003d6 E50 ft.arc 2d640 charges2Lstun
Ionizer, ChromicShock1480,0005d4 E30 ft.arc 3d420 charges1Lintegrated (2 slots), unwieldy
Anchor Pistol, InductiveShock15108,0004d6 E40 ft.bind80 charges4Lnonlethal
Handcoil, CapitalShock16150,0003d8 E80 ft.arc 3d840 charges4L
Lightning Pistol, Smooth-ChannelShock17260,0003d10 E40 ft.40 charges10Lline, stun, unwieldy
Arc Pistol, StormShock18365,5003d12 E50 ft.arc 4d6100 charges10Lstun
Ionizer, StannicShock19611,0005d8 E30 ft.arc 5d820 charges1Lintegrated (2 slots), unwieldy
Anchor Pistol, FluxShock20814,0008d6 E60 ft.bind80 charges5Lnonlethal
Dirge Pistol, HarmonicSonic14401d3 So20 ft.sicken20 charges1Lantibiological
Perforator Pistol, DiffractionSonic25001d4 So20 ft.bleed 1d420 charges2Lpenetrating
Sonic Suppressor, MurmurSonic31,4301d4 So40 ft.stifle20 charges2L
Sonic Pistol, ThunderstrikeSonic42,3001d8 So40 ft.deafen20 charges2L
Shrieking LarvaSonic52,8001d8 So30 ft.deafen20 charges4Lliving, thought, unwieldy
Dirge Pistol, ResonantSonic64,9501d8 So40 ft.sicken20 charges1Lantibiological
Resonant Pistol, LatticeSonic76,1001d6 So40 ft.deafen40 charges2Lboost 1d6
Sonic Suppressor, WhisperSonic89,7002d4 So40 ft.stifle40 charges2L
Perforator Pistol, RefractionSonic913,0002d6 So20 ft.bleed 1d640 charges4Lpenetrating
Dirge Pistol, AnharmonicSonic1020,5003d4 So40 ft.sicken20 charges1Lantibiological
Sonic Pistol, LFDSonic1126,2002d8 So40 ft.deafen40 charges4Lboost 1d6
Sonic Suppressor, HushSonic1236,5002d8 So40 ft.stifle40 charges2L
Perforator Pistol, LinearSonic1346,0002d10 So20 ft.bleed 2d640 charges5Lpenetrating
Sonic Pistol, HFDSonic1471,3003d8 So40 ft.deafen60 charges6L
Dirge Pistol, ParametricSonic15133,0006d4 So60 ft.sicken20 charges1Lantibiological
Sonic Pistol, BansheeSonic16191,0004d8 So40 ft.deafen80 charges8Lboost 1d10
Sonic Suppressor, ReposeSonic17257,0004d8 So40 ft.stifle40 charges2L
Resonant Pistol, MatrixSonic18358,0005d6 So40 ft.deafen40 charges2Lboost 2d6
Dirge Pistol, RadialSonic19660,00010d4 So60 ft.sicken20 charges1Lantibiological
Perforator Pistol, PhasedSonic20732,0005d10 So40 ft.bleed40 charges8Lpenetrating