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Directive 9 Field Agent

SFS Note: The spy tool created by a Directive 9 Agent lasts until they create a new spy tool, at which point it breaks.
Source Starfinder #43: Icebound pg. 45
Directive 9 agents fulfill a variety of roles in their organization and the communities they infiltrate, from assassins and bruisers to diplomats and hackers. Despite these differences, certain characteristics connect agents’ expertise, most notably their ability to use specialized gear, escape sticky situations, and think on their feet.

Alternate Class Features

The Directive-9 field agent archetype grants alternate class features at 2nd, 4th, 6th, 9th, and 12th levels.

Sly Agent (Ex) - 2nd Level

You’re a master of observation while avoiding being observed yourself. Perception and Stealth are class skills for you. For each of these skills that’s already a class skill for you (or becomes a class skill) from a source other than this archetype, you gain the ability to roll that skill twice and use the better result once per day.

Skirt Blindsense (Ex) - 4th Level

Directive 9 trains its agents early in how to avoid detection by creatures with exceptional senses. If a creature with blindsense attempts a Perception check to notice you when you’re hiding using Stealth, the perceiving creature becomes aware of your location only if its check exceeds your Stealth check by 5. The same applies to creatures with blindsight, except that they merely become aware of your location (rather than observing you) unless their Perception check exceeds your Stealth check by 5. This ability applies against creatures with blindsense, or blindsight via scent, sound, or vibration. At 11th level, this ability applies against creatures with blindsense, or blindsight via emotion, life, or thought. This ability skirts detection via scent for only 10 minutes, after which creatures with scent can detect and follow your trail.

Tricky Target (Ex) - 6th Level

Other spies find you particularly difficult to pin down. If a creature you’re observing targets you with a trick attack or a stunt and strike, you can attempt an Acrobatics or Sense Motive check as a reaction. If your result equals or exceeds that of the trick attack or stunt and strike skill check, any extra damage or negative status effects from the trick attack or stunt and strike are negated, although the action still resolves as a regular attack. If your result exceeds the skill check by 5 or more, the creature performing the trick attack or stunt and strike gains the off-target condition until the end of its next turn.

Burrowed Loyalty (Ex) - 9th Level

The loyalty of Directive 9 runs deep, and its agents are trained and conditioned to remain loyal even when under intense or supernatural pressure. When under the influence of a mind-affecting effect that commands you to act against the interests of the Veskarium, you can ignore those commands for 1 round. You don’t have to use this ability immediately when targeted by a mind-affecting effect; you can wait until any time during the effect’s duration to use Burrowed Loyalty. This ability recharges when you take 10 minutes to recover Stamina Points, but you can spend 1 Resolve Point to recharge it immediately.

Spy Tool (Ex) - 12th Level

Whether well prepared or excellent at improvising, you always have the tool you need. You can cobble together a useful spy tool from objects in your environment or on your person. Creating a spy tool takes 10 minutes, and the tool functions like any single basic melee weapon, grenade, small arm, or technological item of light or negligible bulk and an item level no greater than your level – 2. Weapons created using this ability can’t be fitted with weapon accessories or fusion seals, and they don’t come with batteries or ammunition; you must supply such resources separately. The spy tool is unstable, and only you can use it effectively. If anyone else tries to use the spy tool, it collapses harmlessly into junk. Once you use this ability, you must spend 1d4 hours in a typical settlement or 10 minutes at a Directive 9 base of operations replenishing the materials needed to use it again.