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A character theme represents a focus for your character, which may be a result of your background, upbringing, training, or mystic destiny. You select a character theme at 1st level, gaining special benefits that reflect major aspects of that theme at 1st, 6th, 12th, and 18th levels. All abilities are extraordinary abilities unless otherwise noted. With your GM’s permission, you can even create your own theme that fits your character concept perfectly!

Ace Pilot (+1 Dex): Thanks to steady hands and nerves of steel, you are skilled at operating starships and other vehicles.
Athlete (+1 Str, Dex, or Con): You are a professional competitor and an expert in physical finesse or brute strength, providing you advantages in battle.
Battle Medic (+1 Int): You’ve been trained to treat combat wounds on and off the battlefield.
Beastblood (+1 Int or Wis): You have a powerful affinity with the beasts of the wild.
Biotechnician (+1 Int): You are a biotech researcher or avid user of such tech, constantly seeking out or developing new biotechnologies and combining existing augmentations with advancements in other fields.
Bouncer (+1 Cha): From the vibrant nightlife of Absalom Station to the glitzy casinos of the Burning Archipelago, there are places throughout the galaxy where people gather to party and relax.
Bounty Hunter (+1 Con): Almost nothing will stop you from tracking down your quarries and returning them dead or alive.
Bureaucrat (+1 Int, Wis, or Cha): You bring your no-nonsense ability to cut through red tape to bear in surprising ways.
Career Trooper (+1 Con): You are a career member of a military and have been embroiled in conflicts and military bureaucracy for many years.
Colonist (+1 Con): You have an unquenchable trailblazer’s spirit, matched with the training and fortitude you’ll need to carve out a new life for yourself and others in the wilderness.
Corporate Agent (+1 Cha): You are an agent of a corporation, which relies on your negotiation, deal-making, and your natural cunning to advance its agendas.
Crisis Refugee (+1 Con): The Drift Crisis cut you off from the place you called home.
Cult Hunter (+1 Wis): Your life’s work is to ferret out cults and free those who have fallen into their clutches.
Cultist (+1 Con): You served as a hooded, faceless adherent to a religion or organization that remains hidden from public view—usually because its aims are illegal or immoral.
Cyberborn (+1 Int): You’ve had some form of cybernetic augmentation since you were very young, and you see further augmentation as a path to self-improvement.
Death-Touched (+1 Con): You are not undead, but you have an affinity for the dead and undead that is inexplicable to most living creatures.
Diplomat (+1 Cha): You have trained to make peace and strive for amicable solutions even in tense situations.
Dragonblood (+1 Cha): You can feel draconic magic pulsing through your veins, and the guttural roar of dragons invigorates you.
Dream Prophet (+1 Wis): You were drawn to Liavara by the Dreamers’ songs, which awoke in you a resonance with these enlightened beings.
Drift Crashed (+1 Dex): You were aboard a starship when the Drift Crash occurred.
Esper (+1 Cha): Monsters are out there. They seek to invade your mind and destroy all that lies within.
Gambler (+1 Cha, Int, or Wis): Many of Desna’s followers honor their goddess in her aspect as Lady Luck and purveyor of fortunes, auspicious and otherwise.
Giantblood (+1 Str): You can trace your ancestry to giants, allowing you to accomplish feats of great strength.
Gladiator (+1 Con): You are a veteran of the public blood sport industry—a survivor of countless battles to earn a shiny credstick of winnings, the adulation of your fans, or both.
Grifter (+1 Int): Swindling, tricking, and ingratiating yourself to others using your force of personality are your specialties.
Guard (+1 Str or +1 Dex): You are a vigilant protector of your clients and friends, and you’ll let no harm come to them.
Icon (+1 Cha): You are a popular and respected celebrity within the bounds of colonized space.
Law Officer (+1 Wis): An enforcer of law and a protector of the public, you often put yourself at risk to ensure others’ safety.
Mercenary (+1 Str): You are a well-trained soldier of fortune who works well with your companions in battle.
Noble Scion (+1 Cha): You were born into a position of power and privilege and are a master of navigating high society.
Opportunist (+1 Cha): For many, a crisis is nothing less than an opportunity.
Outlaw (+1 Dex): Whether you are guilty or not, you are a wanted criminal in a city, on a planet, or even throughout the galaxy.
Paranormal Investigator (+1 Int, Wis, or Cha): Some, upon waking, want to forget their nightmares, find comfort among their companions, and dream of new adventures.
Personal Trainer (+1 Str or Con): The allure of interplanetary adventure can lead just about anybody to leave a sedentary life behind and travel into the stars.
Pickpocket (+1 Dex): Whether you are a rich kid doing it for kicks or a student of the streets doing it to survive, you’ve found that you have quite a bit of skill at nicking things from other people without them noticing.
Planar Traveler (+1 Wis): Whether you are or aren’t a native of the Material Plane, it certainly holds little sway over you.
Priest (+1 Wis): Your unshakable devotion to a philosophy or religion forms the core of your personality.
Prisoner (+1 Wis): You are an escapee or parolee who uses your hard-won experience to great effect in the wider galaxy.
Prole (+1 Int, or Wis): You’re an anonymous cog in the corporate machine.
Quartermaster (+1 Int): You are always prepared to provision yourself and your allies with what’s needed to succeed.
Rancher (+1 Str): In a galaxy filled with faster-than-light travel, virtual reality, and space stations housing millions, many people forget where their food comes from.
Roboticist (+1 Int): You are fascinated by the internal workings of machines, whether they’re intelligent constructs or technological equipment.
Scholar (+1 Int): As an academic, you have a broad knowledge base and a thirst to expand it.
Sensate (+1 Con): You revel in new experiences, and as a result have a wide base of knowledge about the world.
Solar Disciple (+1 Wis): Whether you're a devotee of Sarenrae or simply a resident of the Burning Archipelago, the sun looms large in your life, figuratively and literally.
Space Pirate (+1 Dex): You are a free-ranging corsair within the wild and unpredictable fringes of galactic civilization and live by your own code, or a code shared with other like-minded individuals.
Spacefarer (+1 Con): You live your life among the stars, seeking new worlds to explore and yearning for the next adventure.
Spectra Scion (+1 Int): Whether you’re a worshipper of Triune, a longtime resident of the Drift, or simply a spacefarer who has relied on the plane for years, you’ve formed a magical connection to spectra, the plane’s unique inhabitants. Like these planar beings, you take on the tasks of bringing the word of the Drift to those who might have only recently discovered space travel, safeguarding the more vulnerable areas of the realm, and protecting travelers through Drift.
Starwalker (+1 Dex): You have spent countless hours adroitly traveling where few creatures dare to go: the utter emptiness of space.
Stormrunner (+1 Dex): You are undaunted by storms, having thrown yourself into them time and again.
Street Magician (+1 Dex or Cha): Some people make their living working in a business suit, others in service positions helping those around them, all on a set schedule, knowing the pattern of their life will stay the same from day to day.
Street Rat (+1 Dex): Scrappy and streetwise, you are exceptionally adept at blending into the crowd to escape notice.
Tempered Pilgram (+1 Cha): You have examined the kasathas practice of the Tempering and have concluded that one year is not enough time to learn from the countless other civilizations.
Themeless (+1 Any): You don’t fit neatly into any of the other categories, or you see yourself as a blank slate.
Tinker (+1 Int): You are a visionary in the field of micro-scale construction, able to elevate the applications of UPBs and other multifunctional materials to new heights. You might be a researcher who has made a breakthrough in design, a garage experimenter who delights in inventing or creating complex gizmos, or an enthusiast about all things homemade.
Vaster (+1 Wis): You aren’t from the Pact Worlds, the Veskarium, or any other major system.
Vidgamer (+1 Dex): First-person shooters, dating simulators, platformers, puzzles, real-time strategy, sports, or massive multiplayer online role-playing games—you’ve mastered them all.
Void Nomad (+1 Con): Many consider the dark cold of space to be ominous and uncomfortable, but you’ve always been drawn to it.
Wild Warden (+1 Wis): You believe that the trappings of civilization have made others soft, so you eschew them to live in the wilds, such as the jungles of Castrovel.
Xenoarchaeologist (+1 Int): You are driven to explore the ruins of bygone civilizations, whether they are millennia old or recently collapsed.
Xenoseeker (+1 Cha): As you travel outside of Pact Worlds space, you strive to make contact with alien life-forms.