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Psychic Charlatan

Source Drift Crisis Case Files pg. 56
You don’t possess any true psychic abilities, but you have the next best thing: a talent for convincing people that you do. Whether you were born with great empathy for reading people or learned by watching other charlatans perform, you have a gift, just not a psychic one. Although your skills might be viewed with disdain by those with real psychic abilities and dismissed as petty fraud by the general public, your knack for cold reading and deception always comes in handy when working with organizations such as the Eyeswide Agency.

Alternate Class Features

This archetype grants alternate class features at 2nd, 4th, and 6th levels.

Cold Reading (Ex) - 2nd Level

You have mastered the art of reading facial expressions, body language, eye contact, and other nonverbal cues. You have a good memory for conversational details, and you are adept at using what you learn to ask leading questions that can direct a conversation to your advantage. You gain a +2 insight bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Sense Motive checks against any one intelligent creature with whom you are engaged in direct conversation. If you remain in conversation with the creature for at least 1 minute, you can make a Sense Motive check with a DC of 10 + that target’s CR in order to immediately learn something about them, as if using Gather Information. You can make an additional check with each additional minute of conversation, but the DC increases by 5 with each success. If you fail a Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, or Sense Motive check against a creature, that creature becomes temporarily immune to your Cold Reading for 24 hours. This is a language-dependent, sense-dependent effect.

Smoke and Mirrors (Ex) - 4th Level

You enjoy blurring the lines that separate the supernatural from the mundane, and you’re always the star of the show. Whenever you are in the presence of a magical or technological effect whose point of origin is a friendly creature within 15 feet (including yourself), you can use the Bluff skill as a reaction to create a diversion that distracts and misdirects any onlookers, making the effect appear to originate from you instead. If you are capable of creating a holographic image or a similar illusion effect at the same level or higher as the effect you are attempting to obfuscate, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus to your Bluff check.
If your attempt is successful, you may also obscure the source of the effect, causing a spell to apparently emanate from a piece of held equipment or a technological effect to appear to be the result of spellcasting or supernatural abilities. If the effect has an obvious point of origin, such as a ray, your audience gains a +2 circumstance bonus to their Sense Motive checks.

Question Everything (Ex) - 6th Level

Your powers of persuasion are so strong that you can convince others to question objective truths. Once per day, by speaking with an intelligent creature for at least 1 minute, you can spend 1 Resolve Point and attempt a Bluff check opposed by the target’s Will save to begin sowing seeds of doubt about the circumstances of one event they personally experienced in the last 12 months. You can attempt to convince the subject that the event never occurred, that the outcome was different, that different individuals were involved, or any other misrepresentation that the GM decides is reasonable. A particularly plausible claim, or one supported by credible evidence, imparts up to a –2 penalty on the target’s saving throw, while a particularly implausible one imparts an equivalent circumstance bonus.
Once implanted, the false memories linger until challenged, whereupon the subject can immediately make another Will save with a +2 circumstance bonus. This challenge can take a variety of forms, such as the subject encountering evidence that directly conflicts with the false memory or conversing about the event in question with another witness or participant, at the GM’s discretion.
A creature that successfully saves against this effect is permanently immune to all future uses of this ability by the same psychic charlatan. This is a language-dependent, sense-dependent effect.