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Runescrawled Reaver

Source Angels of the Drift #4 pg. 24
Born of a fusion of ancient kevri and loqan traditions, monks of the runescrawled maintain the barrier that keeps the wondrous mists of Kevquan saturated on the planet’s surface and clear from its technological skytop cities. Just as these wards are a fusion of kevri technology and loqan magic, the runescrawled etched their bodies with loqan runes and implant kevri augmentations into their skin, seeking to prefect themselves physically and spiritually by mastering these diametric forces. Runescralwed reavers are masters of marital arts that have learned to channel loqan’s mists through their body’s spiritual pathways, enhancing their abilities. While Kevqan is most famous for these traditions, the idea of using technology to channel magic througbn one’s body is hardly unique to any one culture, and practices similar to the runescralwed reavers of Loqan can be found among draeliks, kasathas, pahtras, and countless other species who value magic in a modern world


You must have Improved Unarmed Strike or a species trait that gives you a special unarmed strike, such as a vesk's natural weapons species trait.

Alternate Class Features

This archetype grants an alternate class feature at 2nd, 4th, 6th, 9th, 12th, and 18th level. The alternate class features at 4th, 6th, 9th, 12th, and 18th level are optional; at each of these levels, you can either choose a runescrawled reaver alternate class feature of the appropriate level (or lower) or keep the normal class feature for your class at that level. However, unless stated otherwise, you can gain each optional alternate feature only once.

Runescrawled Body (Ex; Optional) - 2nd level

You’ve augmented your body with runescrawlings that enhance your capabilities. While you have one or more magitech augmentations installed in your body, the magitech augmentation with the highest item level becomes your runescrawl, granting you an armor bonus to AC equal to that augmentation’s item level. You can affix fusion seals (but not weapon fusions) to your runescrawl as though it were a weapon with a level equal to its item level. Fusion seals affixed to your runescrawl apply to your unarmed strikes so long as those fusions could be applied to weapons of that type (for example, a disruptive weapon fusion functions only if your unarmed strike deals bludgeoning damage). So long as your runescrawl has at least one fusion seal affixed, your unarmed strikes also count as magic weapons.

Ehanced Fist (Ex; Optional) - 4th, 6th, 9th, or 18th level

You’re able to utilize your body with deadly efficiency. You gain a special version of the Weapon Specialization feat with your unarmed strikes that adds 1-1/2 x your character level to damage rolls. This doesn’t aply to unarmed strikes that already have a special version of this feat, such as a vesk’s natural weapons species trait. If you have Multiweapon Fighting, you also treat each unarmed strike you make as a attack from a different weapon for the purpose of this feat.

Extension of Form (Ex; Optional) - 6th, 9th, 12th, or 18th level

You can transfer the benefits of your runes to the weapons you wield. As a move action, choose one weapon you’re proficient with and currently wielding and one fusion seal that’s affixed to your runescrawl. The choses weapon benefits from the chosen fusion seal as though it were an unarmed strike for 1 minute so long as that fusion could be applied to weapons of that type. The chosen seal counts normally against the total level of weapon fusions that a weapon can benefit from simultaneously, so if this fusion seal exceed this limit, the ability is wasted. This effect ends if the weapon leaves you hand or you’re unable to concentrate for any reason.

Full-Body Fighting (Ex; Optional) - 9th, 12th, or 18th level

You use every inch of your body to defeat your enemies. Your unarmed strikes gains the modal weapon trait with bludgeoning and piercing damage. If you can activate a species trait of species graft to deal a type of energy damage as an extraordinary or supernatural ability (such as a dragonkin’s breath weapon), add that damage type to the list you can choose with the modular trait. When you do, half the damage is the chosen type of kinetic damage that your unarmed strikes normally deals of your choice.

Intricate Scrawl (Ex; Optional) - 6th, 9th, 12th, or 18th level

You’re able to overlay multiple magitech items in a single space. Choose one augmentations system. You can install two augmentations into that system simultaneously, one of which must be a magitech augmentation.

You can select this option multiple time. Each time you select it after the first, choose a different system to appoly its benefits to.

Rune Surge (Ex; Optional) - 12th, or 18th level

You’re able to mix your inner spiritual energy with that of the runes etched onto yoru body, sending your magitech augmentations into overdrive. As a swift action, choose one magitech augmentation that’s installed into your body and Spend 1 Resolve Point + 1 additional Resolve Point for every 6 item levels it has. The augmentation’s daily uses are immediately refresh as though 24 hours had passed. Additional, the augmentation’s effects are enhanced for 1 minute as follows.
  • Any attack rolls attempted as part of the augmentation’s effects gain a +1 enhancement bonus.
  • Any enhancement bonuses to AC, saving throws, or skill checks granted to you are increased by +1.
  • Any saving throws required to save against the augmentation’s effects have their DC increases by +1
  • Any speeds or enhancement bonuses to your speeds provided are increased by +5 feet