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Sepres Prime

Source Starfinder #5: The Thirteenth Gate pg. 50
LN space station
System Sepres VI
Population 521,237 (98% seprevoi, 2% other)
Government council (Seprevois Council)
Qualities bureaucratic, devout, insular, technologically underdeveloped
Maximum Item Level 8

Of the hundreds of ark ships, space stations, and cobbled-together megastructures orbiting Sepres VI, the largest and most important is Sepres Prime. Originally the ark ship launched from the planet’s most powerful nation, Neirox (which, incidentally, was responsible for the release of derendenol), what was then called Neirox Prime quickly grew into the center of surviving seprevoi culture as similar craft from myriad societies joined up with it to form a massive conglomeration of vessels. Here the Seprevoi Council rules the consolidated global government, its representatives commanding all seprevoi vessels orbiting the planet. Traders and representatives from other systems near and far are expected to deal primarily with council diplomats and administrators here, rather than with other vessels or stations, though the more travelers from beyond the Sepres system arrive, the harder this guideline is to enforce.