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Starfinder #14: Soldiers of Brass

Estimated Release Date: 3/27/2019
Product Line: Adventure Path Store Page:

Aliens [6]

Janni (Genie), Mephit, Salamander, Suli (Planar Scion), Sylph (Planar Scion), Thoqqua

Equipment - Armor Upgrades [1]

Thermal Regulator

Equipment - Cybernetics [5]

Lightvision Shades, Limning Palm, Solar Overload Conduit (Mk 1), Solar Overload Conduit (Mk 2), Solar Overload Conduit (Mk 3)

Equipment - Hybrid Items [3]

Astral Transponder, Attablossom, Thermal Regulator

Equipment - Magic Items [8]

Flame Melon Juice, Phase Twin Generator, Pilot's Helmet, Radiant Ensemble, Ruthig Milk Tea, Shattercoat, Sun Bean Ice, White Knuckle Gloves

Equipment - Technological Items [1]


Equipment - Weapons [5]

Solar Flare Grenade (I), Solar Flare Grenade (II), Solar Flare Grenade (III), Solar Flare Grenade (V), Solar Flare Grenade (VI)

Races [2]

Suli, Sylph

Starship - Examples [1]

Excoriation Combine Jezail ([AP] Dawn of Flame)

Starship - Weapons [1]

Heavy Solar Cannon

Systems [1]

Topheki B

Template Grafts [12]

Air Mephit (Mephit), Dust Mephit (Mephit), Earth Mephit (Mephit), Fire Mephit (Mephit), Ice Mephit (Mephit), Pollution Mephit (Mephit), Radiation Mephit (Mephit), Steam Mephit (Mephit), Suli (Planar Scion), Sylph (Planar Scion), Tech Mephit (Mephit), Water Mephit (Mephit)

Vehicles [3]

Linecrawler, Performance Cruiser, Sunskimmer