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Starfinder #50: Clockwork Demons

Estimated Release Date: 2/22/2023
Product Line: Adventure Path Store Page:

Aliens [6]

Clockwork Predator, Clockwork Swarm, Data-Corrputed SRO (Data-Corrupted Creature), Mewclock, Razordoll, Reflection

Archetypes [1]

Hand of the All-Code

Classes - Epiphanies [3]

Memory Storage, Parallel Processing, Triune’s Bypass

Creature Companions [1]


Equipment - Technological Items [6]

Gnomish Anytool (Mk 1), Gnomish Duffel (Mk 1), Gnomish Duffel (Mk 2), Gnomish Anytool (Mk 2), Gnomish Anytool (Mk 3), Gnomish Duffel (Mk 3)

Equipment - Weapons [43]

Gnome Scout Gun (Advanced), Clockbaton (Advanced), Gearhammer (Advanced), EM Induction Rifle (Aurora), Gnome Ripsaw (Blaze), Epoch Spear (Century), Gnome Flickmace (Chert), Collapsible Battle Ladder, Gnome Flickmace (Dacite ), Clockbaton (Elite), Gnome Scout Gun (Elite), Epoch Spear (Eon), Epoch Spear (Eternity), Data Rifle (Exa), Data Pistol (Exa), Gnome Ripsaw (Flicker), Data Pistol (Giga), Data Rifle (Giga), Gnome Flickmace (Gneiss ), Clocksword (Hour), Countdown Blade (Hour), Terminal Doshko (Instant), Epoch Spear (Millennium), Countdown Blade (Minute), Clocksword (Minute), Terminal Doshko (Moment), Gearhammer (Paragon), Data Pistol (Peta), Data Rifle (Peta), Terminal Doshko (Prescient), Clocksword (Second), Countdown Blade (Second), Coil Trident (Sentinel), Gnome Ripsaw (Spark), EM Induction Rifle (Static), EM Induction Rifle (Storm), Gnome Scout Gun (Tactical), Gearhammer (Tactical), Clockbaton (Tactical), Data Pistol (Tera), Data Rifle (Tera), Coil Trident (Ultrathin), Coil Trident (Zero-edge)

Feats [2]

Instant Recall, Stand Tall

Rules [1]

Technological Items

Systems [1]


Template Grafts [2]

Data-Corrupted (Data-Corrupted Creature), Razordoll