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Azlanti Star Empire

Tyrannical Stellar Expansionists

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 463
Location The Vast
Diameter x2/3; Mass x1/3; Gravity x3/4
Atmosphere Normal
Day 18-1/2 hours; Year 1-1/3 years

Thousands of years ago, adventurers and scholars from Azlant, humanity’s first great empire on Golarion, began tentatively exploring planets beyond their own. Most of these undertakings ended in disaster, and Azlant itself was destroyed in a planet-shaking cataclysm, but one outpost survived on a distant world called New Thespera. Cut off from their original home world by the failure of their magical portals, Azlanti colonists used their mastery of magic and high technology to settle their new planet and its neighbors over the course of millennia, until the discovery of the Drift enabled them to conquer nearby star systems and their inhabitants, giving rise to the Azlanti Star Empire.

The Azlanti Star Empire now claims a dozen star systems under its hegemony, from the lush inhabited worlds of Thenekral to the lifeless but resource-rich planetoids of Irdinang. All are subject to the Star Empire’s laws and dominance, and all must offer to the Aeon Throne their tribute—tribute that the empire greedily consumes as it expands. Likewise, every one of the empire’s 17 officially designated “sentient alien species,” from the arboreal Neskinti of Gjor III to the trilateral Vilderaro of oceanic Oyojii, are second-class citizens, subordinate to the pureblood humans descended from the original Azlanti pioneers who form the empire’s aristocracy. Slavery is a venerable and established institution in the Star Empire, and androids, who are considered neither citizens nor truly sentient, comprise the majority of the empire’s vast enslaved underclass.

The Star Empire’s throne world is the original Azlanti colony of New Thespera, orbiting the star Aristia. It is the seat of the Star Imperator—a title that is currently shared by twin scions of the Ixomander dynasty, which is believed to have ruled the Star Empire for nearly 2,000 years. The cities of New Thespera provide shining examples of high Azlanti architecture, culture, and learning, but they are also symbols of the empire’s oppression, with the plundered relics of those worlds and cultures annexed by the Star Empire on display.

Aliens found at Azlanti Star Empire

Aeon Guard - CR 3; Medium humanoid (human)
Aeon Guard Specialist (Aeon Guard) - CR 7; Medium humanoid (human)
Azlanti Adjutant (Robot) - CR 3; Medium construct (magical)
Azlanti Battle Robot (Robot) - CR 6; Medium construct (technological)