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Fortune’s Heart

Valued Base of the Kalistocracy

Source Starfinder #37: The White Glove Affair pg. 62
Location The Drift
Diameter 1 mile; Mass less than ×1/100; Gravity ×1
Atmosphere Normal
Day 1 day; Year 1 year

The existence of the Fortune’s Heart transfer station is a well-guarded secret of the Kalistocracy, and its exact location in the Drift is entrusted only to Kalistocrat prophets and their retinues, including those lucky enough to participate in the monthly auction held there. Fortune’s Heart lacks a permanent population, as most of the Kalistocrats overseeing the station rotate in and out, but its robotic crew members are permanent fixtures at the station. The CEO-captain of the station is also a permanent position, currently occupied by Valdiel Merez (LN male half- elf). Below the CEO-captain, a host of executive assistants ensure the station’s day-to-day operations run smoothly.

From the outside, Fortune’s Heart looks like a sunburst, with angular docking and shuttle bays radiating outward from the station center. A maintenance ring encircles the station, providing access to shuttle bays and stored machinery. The interior of Fortune’s Heart is divided into multiple wings, many named after the sections of the Prophecies of Kalistrade: Caravans, Seekers, Scales, Fortunes, Ascensions, and Contemplations. The station’s decor is elegant and while relatively restrained—Kalistocrats frown on gaudiness—it’s unquestionably expensive, the better to impress guests and showcase the Kalistocracy’s wealth.

A monthly auction is the foremost social event on Fortune’s Heart, though the station also plays host to many other functions and entertainments, including private events and many open to the wider Kalistocracy. Much of the station is thus filled with rentable offices, guest quarters, and eating establishments. All food and drink on the station strictly adheres to Kalistocrat dietary restrictions and taboos. Ingredients considered “unclean”—such as honey or the flesh of insect-eating fowl—cannot be found on Fortune’s Heart, replaced by natural or artificially engineered alternatives. (Artificial meats, requiring a high degree of transformation in their creation, are particularly popular.) The Meditations Room on the station serves as a quasi-chapel for Kalistocrats in need of reflection, while the theater hosts a variety of entertainments year-round.

Of course, business is the primary reason for Kalistocrats to visit Fortune’s Heart, and the station has a dedicated financial wing, including a full-service AbadarCorp bank and investment advise agencies. The station includes two wings of elegant guest quarters housing visiting Kalistocrats and their retinues, and every suite and stateroom is outfitted with rich amenities befitting the rank of those who visit while studiously avoiding the appearance of hedonism.

The innermost wing of Fortune’s Heart, known as the Pure Chambers, is off- limits to all but the highest-level Kalistocrats and the CEO-captain. Much gossip circulates amongst the Kalistocrats as to what the Pure Chambers hold, from a vast treasure vault to archives containing spiritual secrets. However, the wing’s extensive security measures, including biometric locks and a host of patented monitoring systems, ensure that only those authorized to enter can find out.