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New Thespera

Seat of the Aeon Throne

Source Starfinder #9: The Rune Drive Gambit pg. 62
Location The Vast
Diameter x2/3; Mass x1/3; Gravity x3/4
Atmosphere Normal
Day 18-1/2 hours; Year 1-1/3 years

The third planet from the bright white sun of Aristia, New Thespera is the throne world of the Azlanti Star Empire, and the destination of the original Azlanti expedition from lost Golarion thousands of years ago. New Thespera is considered the shining jewel of the Azlanti Star Empire, blessed with emerald-green oceans, deep-blue skies, verdant continents lush with life, and ample natural resources. It has six large continents, one major ocean (the True Arcadian Sea) and a dozen smaller bodies of water, small permanent ice caps at each pole, and surprisingly clement weather year-round for most of the planet. The only continent with significant earthquakes or volcanic activity is the small southern landmass of Ahkome, which is inhabited almost exclusively by non-Azlanti miners and engineers at geothermal power stations.

While thousands of years of technological and magical industry could have despoiled New Thespera, the empire sees the world as the true home of humanity (meaning only those humans directly descended from old Azlant) and has ensured that the world remains pristine. With a planetary population of one billion human citizens, and nearly double that number in second-class citizens and slaves, New Thespera must carefully manage resources so that no region becomes polluted. To augment the technological and magical solutions the Star Empire employs to avoid overcrowding, the government maintains a strict cap on the non-Azlanti population, enforcing it with forced relocation to other worlds (and other, more severe, methods). The largest metropolis on the planet is Eronesse, on the smallest continent of Urgulan. This enormous city includes thousands of gleaming towers stretching up 200 or more floors, vast domes and parks, and even floating compounds that roam through the skies. The city’s major sites include the enormous Imperial Palace, the Planetary Governmental Compound, the Municipal Citadel, the headquarters for the Imperial Fleet and Aeon Guard, the Grand Temple of Lissala, and the main campus of the Academy of Purpose. While the ruling Star Imperators nominally have direct rule over the city and New Thespera itself, much of the day-to-day operations are run by a planetary governor, currently Duxillar Bhrevi Falcavian (LN male Azlanti technomancer), and the Chancellor of Eronesse, currently Dominus Maellis Maellora (NE female Azlanti mechanic).

The largest continent, Curchane, is neatly divided into smaller cities, vast farmlands and ranches, factory towns, and wilderness preserves. Most arciduxes hold token hereditary lands here, though trusted councilors or more minor family nobles often oversee these estates. Owning at least a manor house on Curchane is considered a necessity to rise to the upper ranks of imperial society, though an apartment on Urgulan serves nearly as well. The other continents are considered less prestigious real estate, though having a home anywhere on New Thespera is better than claiming only offworld domains.