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Chapter 9: Starships / Building Starships

Starship Scale

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 293
Though the size categories of starships have the same names as the size categories of creatures, they operate on completely different scales. Even within a size category, a starship’s exact measurements might differ between base frames and manufacturers. The size of a starship also modifies its Armor Class and Target Lock as indicated.
SizeLengthWeightAC and TL Modifier
Tiny20–60 ft.3–20 tons+2
Small60–120 ft.20–40 tons+1
Medium120–300 ft.40–150 tons+0
Large300–800 ft.150–420 tons–1
Huge800–2,000 ft.420–1,200 tons–2
Gargantuan2,000–15,000 ft.1,200–8,000 tons–4
ColossalOver 15,000 ft.Over 8,000 tons–8