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Fission Form (Su)

Source Interstellar Species pg. 17
Evolutionist Level Required 18
Once per day as a move action, you can create a copy of yourself that instantaneously severs itself from your body and appears in an adjacent space. Your copy shares your statistics, lasts for 5 minutes, and has a number of Hit Points and Stamina Points both equal to 3 × your evolutionist level. Your copy appears with your adaptive strike manifested but beyond simple replicas of your apparel, it lacks equipment.
In combat, both you and your copy share the same initiative count, with one acting immediately after the other. Each turn, either you or your copy can use a full round’s worth of actions and the other can take only a move action, though you can spend 1 MP to allow both to use a full round of actions for 1 round. Your copy acts and thinks independently, though it follows your instructions. You and your copy can both use your adaptations, evolution track, and adaptive strike, but your copy doesn’t have or gain MP; it uses your MP total and you must spend your MP to use its adaptations.
Maintaining your copy in combat is taxing. At the start of your turn after gaining MP, you must spend 1 MP to sustain your copy that round. Each full minute you sustain your copy, the MP cost per round to sustain it increases by 1. If you don’t sustain your copy, or if your copy is reduced to 0 HP, it dissolves into nothingness.