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Source Starfinder #51: Into the Dataverse pg. 49
In the same way that conventional hackers manipulate the code of computer networks and security systems, hacktivists use their skills to operate and modify smaller devices on the fly in support of a cause. Often acting to expose corruption or facilitate freedom of information and technology, hacktivists flock to wherever they see oppression and sometimes act outside the boundaries of law.
Because of the clandestine nature of their typical methods, hacktivists are difficult to find. Digital manuals circulating around certain infosphere sites include Hack the System! and The Neo-Hacker’s Guide to Fun and Profit, acting as training tools for burgeoning hacktivists. Servers show a marked increase in downloads of these files whenever an organization acts in a particularly reprehensible manner, but due to their illegality, only those with a measure of hacking skill can hope to find them.


You must have 2 ranks in Computers to take this archetype.

Alternate Class Features

The hacktivist archetype grants alternate class features at 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 9th levels.

By the Book (Ex) - 2nd Level

Hacktivists are adept at quickly finding pertinent information on how mechanical systems work within digitized manuals and on infosphere sites, especially information located in obscure parts of an infosphere. As long as you have access to an infosphere or downloaded data set, you can use the Computers skill instead of Engineering to arm explosives, disable a device, identify technology, or repair an item. You can use this ability to make repairs on starships and starship systems outside of starship combat but not for any engineer actions during starship combat.

Spoof Grenades (Ex) - 4th Level

You’ve learned how to create special high-tech grenades to assist in getting you into and out of trouble in non-digital space. You gain Grenade Proficiency as a bonus feat. During your daily preparations, you can craft a number of “spoof grenades” equal to your Intelligence bonus (minimum 1). A spoof grenade functions like a normal grenade, including having a range increment of 20 feet. A spoof grenade has the explode weapon specialty property with a radius of 10 feet and deals an amount of nonlethal bludgeoning damage equal to your level, as well as imparts a condition chosen from the following list at creation: dazzled, flat-footed, or off-target. This condition lasts for 1d4 rounds. A creature in the area of effect who succeeds at a Reflex saving throw (DC = 10 + half your character level + your Intelligence modifier) halves the damage and negates the condition. Only you can use these spoof grenades, and any spoof grenades not used before you take a full night’s rest become inert and unusable.

Improved Spoof Grenades (Ex) - 6th Level

When you create your spoof grenades during your daily preparations, you can choose to have a spoof grenade deal nonlethal acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic damage instead of nonlethal bludgeoning damage. In addition, add the following conditions to the list of those you can imbue into a spoof grenade: blinded, deafened, shaken, and sickened. A spoof grenade that imparts the shaken condition counts as a fear effect, and a spoof grenade that imparts the sickened condition counts as a poison effect. Finally, by spending 1 Resolve Point during your daily preparations, you can have one of your spoof grenades function as any non-magical grenade of an item level equal to your character level – 2 (instead of its usual effects). At 9th level, when you spend 1 Resolve Point during your daily preparations to have a spoof grenade function as another grenade, you can alter up to 3 spoof grenades in this manner, each of which can be separate types (your choice).

Remote Cracker (Ex) - 9th Level

During your daily preparations, you can also create a number of wireless key cracks equal to your Intelligence modifier. When used as a standard action, a wireless key crack functions as the technomancer spell remote operation, with a caster level equal to your character level (you still must concentrate to maintain its effects). The effect of these wireless key cracks is technological in nature. While the key cracks can be affected by items that target technology, they’re immune to spell resistance and anti-magic effects (such as dispel magic).