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Analyze Sample

Source Character Operations Manual pg. 150
With time and a physical sample, you can learn a great deal.

Activity: You spend the day analyzing a physical sample of a creature or material. The sample must have at least light bulk, and you must have access to a science lab or similar facilities for the whole day.

Results: You learn information about the creature or material as if you had taken 20 on a skill check to identify it, using the appropriate skill for its creature type (Core Rulebook 133) if it’s a creature, Engineering if it’s a technological or hybrid item, or Mysticism if it’s a magic or hybrid item. You must be trained in the appropriate skill or you gain no benefit. The GM might rule that certain creatures or materials are too rare or unusual to be identified this way.

Multiday: For each consecutive day you spend on this downtime activity, you gain a cumulative +1 circumstance bonus to your check, up to a maximum of +5.