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Gather Supplies

Source Character Operations Manual pg. 152
You scrounge supplies from the local environment.

Activity: This downtime activity uses the rules for the live off the land task of the Survival skill, but instead of hunting and foraging while on the move, you gather supplies while you remain in a fixed location. This is generally possible only in wilderness, and as with the live off the land task, it may be impossible in especially inhospitable areas (such as lifeless asteroids or deep space).

Results: You can support one additional character for every 2 by which your result exceeds this DC.

Multiday: For every day you spend performing this downtime activity in the same location, you gain a cumulative +2 insight bonus (to a maximum of +10) to your next attempt to gather supplies, as you become more familiar with the area and learn how best to utilize its resources. After 5 days of gathering supplies in a single area, you begin to deplete the area of its resources, reducing this bonus by 2 per day (minimum +0).