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Hunt Bargains

Source Character Operations Manual pg. 152
You scour markets, either virtually or in person, bartering, comparing prices, and finding promotions or other discounts to hunt down the absolute best bargains on gear.

Activity: Choose a specific piece of equipment with an item level at least 5 lower than your character level that is available in your current settlement (or one whose markets you have remote access to). Attempt a skill check using either Computers (if you are shopping via an infosphere) or Diplomacy (if you are shopping in person). The DC of this check is equal to 20 plus 1-1/2 × the item’s level. You can’t take 20 on this check, and the GM decides if the item is available at all.

Results: On a success, you are able to find a deal on the specified item and can purchase it for 10% less than normal. On a failure, you are unable to work out any credit-saving deals in that market, but you can still purchase it at full price.

Multiday: If you spend a week hunting bargains, you can choose a piece of equipment with an item level up to 3 lower than your character level.