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Source Character Operations Manual pg. 153
When headed into an environment you know to be infectious, such as a settlement stricken by a plague or a toxic jungle, you can spend your downtime taking preventative measures.

Activity: Specify a single disease or poison other than radiation or radiation sickness. You spend all day researching preventive treatments for that affliction. At the end of the day, designate up to six willing or unconscious creatures you can touch. Attempt a Medicine check for each of these creatures; the DC is 5 higher than the DC of the specified affliction. Each creature must choose whether or not to accept your treatment before learning the result of this check. This activity requires access to a medical bay, medical lab, science lab, or equivalent facilities (such as a hospital).

Results: On a success, a designated creature gains a +4 circumstance bonus to saving throws against initial exposure to the specified affliction. This doesn’t apply to creatures currently affected by that affliction, and doesn’t stack with bonuses from medicinals. On a failure, the designated creature takes a –2 penalty to saves against initial exposure to the specified affliction. These effects end after 1 week.