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Practice Profession

Source Character Operations Manual pg. 154
You spend time working professionally in a chosen field, performing tasks that help you ply your trade more effectively, build your audience or client base, and make connections with other professionals.

Multiday: You can spend 1 week practicing a profession to earn credits; this follows the rules for the earn a living task of the Profession skill.

At the end of each week you spend practicing a profession in a single settlement, choose one of the three areas of focus listed below and attempt an additional Profession check. The DC of this check is equal to 15 + 1-1/12 × the settlement’s maximum item level. If you succeed, you gain the listed benefits. If your profession is based on the ability score listed for that area of focus, you gain a +5 bonus to this check. You can’t benefit from more than one of the following areas of focus at a time.
  • Build Your Brand and Network (Charisma): You gain a +2 circumstance bonus to Diplomacy checks in that settlement for 1 week.
  • Create and Refine Processes and Tools (Intelligence): You can reroll your next Profession check to earn a living, as long as that check takes place within the next month. This check does not need to be attempted while in the same settlement.
  • Adapt to Local Customs and Demand (Wisdom): You can attempt Culture checks to recall knowledge about topics directly related to that settlement even if you are untrained, and the DC of such checks is reduced by 5. The reduction in DC does not stack with any reduction from your theme. This benefit lasts 1 week.