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Build Shelter

Source Character Operations Manual pg. 150
You build a temporary shelter in order to mitigate adverse environmental effects.

Activity: You spend the day building a 10–foot-by-10-foot shelter from nearby material that can accommodate one Large creature or two Medium or Small creatures. At the end of the day, attempt a DC 20 Survival check. You can’t take 20 on this check.

Results: On a failure, the shelter lasts for only the following day. On a success, it lasts for a number of days equal to the number by which your result exceeded the check’s DC. While the shelter lasts, occupants of the shelter are protected from cold dangers (Core Rulebook 400) and heat dangers (Core Rulebook 402). This also counts as a shelter for the purpose of Survival checks to endure severe weather (Core Rulebook 148) and protects its occupants from damage from dust storms and thunderstorms (Core Rulebook 399). At the GM’s discretion, a well-built shelter might also provide other protections.