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Source Character Operations Manual pg. 155
You throw yourself into dedicated study of a single topic, diving into data sets or the local infosphere to learn as much as you can.

Activity: You spend the day studying to gain working knowledge of a single specific topic. This could be a mediumsized corporation, a large settlement, a prominent individual or criminal organization, or something similar; the GM has discretion on what qualifies. Regardless of the topic, you must have access to an infosphere, downloaded data set, or similar source of knowledge that contains information on the chosen topic. You can’t choose a topic that overlaps with your theme’s 1st-level theme knowledge.

Results: For the next week, you can attempt Culture checks to recall knowledge about that topic untrained, and the DC of such checks is reduced by 2. Each time you study a topic in this way, you lose this benefit for the prior topic and gain it for the new one.