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Catalog Creature

Source Ports of Call pg. 24
You make a close study of a particular creature in the wild.

Activity: You spend the day recording detailed notes about the behavior, diet, physiology, and other details of a creature or group of creatures that you observe for at least 8 hours. Typically, the creature you observed should have an Intelligence modifier of –3 or lower, though you might be able to catalog a more intelligent creature type at the GM’s discretion. You must have a journal (digital or otherwise) in which to record your observations.

Results: You gain an insight bonus that you can apply in one of three ways when interacting with the studied species: a +2 bonus to your initiative check when fighting the species, a +2 bonus to a saving throw against a special ability of that species, or a +3 bonus to a Charisma-based skill check to influence that species. You must choose to apply the bonus before attempting the roll.

Multiday: If you spend one week cataloging the species, you can use the journal in which you gathered this information as a qualifying data set for the purposes of recalling knowledge about the cataloged creature, identifying related creatures, or performing the research downtime activity about the creature or a closely related topic (at the GM’s discretion).