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Channel Divinity

Source Ports of Call pg. 24
You spend time in religious contemplation and reflection, or in direct service of your chosen deity. This activity references anathema, edicts, and blessings associated with a deity; this information appears on pages 100–119 of Galactic Magic for the 20 deities featured in the Core Rulebook. At the GM’s discretion, you can use this downtime activity to commune with a different deity whose anathema, edicts, and blessings use these as guidelines.

Activity: You spend the day communing with your deity through thought or action. Select one of the following activities and attempt a Mysticism check (DC = 15 + 1-1/2 × your level).
Atone: You engage in rituals to appeal to your deity, asking for forgiveness for having taken an action that’s anathema to them.
Espouse: You perform an activity in line with your deity’s edicts. You can’t select this activity if you have taken actions that are anathema to that deity unless you first atone for them.

Results: If you choose the atone activity and succeed at the Mysticism check, you successfully atone for minor activities that are anathema to your deity (at the GM’s discretion) and regain their tacit approval. This doesn’t atone for major infractions outright (which often require significant personal sacrifice or quests), but this activity might be part of atoning for such transgressions.
If you choose the espouse activity and succeed at the Mysticism check, you gain one of that deity’s blessings on the following day. The exact effect of the blessing is determined by the GM, but it typically manifests in a way that conveys your deity’s minor intervention.