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Source Character Operations Manual pg. 151
When you’re injured or suffering from certain afflictions, complete bed rest can help speed your recovery.

Activity: You spend the entire day resting. You don’t have to sleep for every minute of the 24-hour period, but you must refrain from movement, combat, spellcasting, skill use, conversation, and any other fairly demanding physical or mental task.

Results: You recover 2 Hit Points per character level, as the rules on page 251 of the Core Rulebook. Additionally, per those rules, any ability damage you have is reduced by 2 points per affected ability score. Finally, you move one step toward healthy on the progression track of each poison you’re affected by, provided you’ve either fulfilled that poison’s cure condition or reached the end of its duration, as the rules on page 414 of the Core Rulebook.
If another character successfully provides you with longterm care (page 155), you can recover even faster.