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Destill Serums

Source Ports of Call pg. 25
You tinker with the potent magic of certain serums.

Activity: You spend the day carefully distilling and monitoring two serums of healing of the same item level. At the end of the day, attempt a Mysticism check (DC = 10 + the level of the serum).

Results: You combine the two serums into a single serum of healing that functions normally for a serum of its level, except it restores additional Hit Points. If you succeed at the Mysticism check, the new serum heals 2 additional Hit Points per die rolled (such as 3d8+6 Hit Points for a mk 2 serum of healing). If you exceed the DC by 5 or more, treat any die result of 2 or less as though it were a 3 to calculate the number of Hit Points the serum restores. If you fail the Mysticism check by 5 or more, the serum is rendered inert and doesn’t restore any Hit Points.