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Source Ports of Call pg. 25
You make an investment of credits you believe (or hope) to be wise.

Activity: You spend the day researching available financial vehicles in which you can invest, such as stocks, property, or commodities. You must have access to the infosphere of a world or system whose economy supports such activity (at the GM’s discretion). You choose to invest a specific amount between 1,000 and 100,000 credits; you lose access to these credits. After one month, roll a d%, and at the GM’s discretion, add your ranks in one relevant Profession skill (such as accountant, corporate professional, or financier) to the result.

Results: Consult the following table, using the result of your d% roll to see the results of your investment. If you have any investment remaining, you can either withdraw the credits or leave them invested and attempt this roll again in one month, repeating the latter until you have no investment remaining.
01–15You lose the entirety of your investment.
16–50You lose 50% of your investment.
51–75Your investment increases by 10%.
76–95Your investment increases by 50%.
96+Your investment increases by 100%.
Special: This downtime activity could provide exceptional profits during adventures that last many months. The GM might limit the amount you can earn from this activity each level to the wealth of 2 encounters of your level (Core Rulebook 391).