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Source Ports of Call pg. 26
You get to know the local populace.

Activity: You spend the day in a small settlement (or a neighborhood of a larger settlement) talking to influential and connected locals. At the end of the day, roll a Charisma check, adding 1 to the result for every 3 ranks you have in Diplomacy. In notably friendly or unfriendly areas, the GM might apply a +2 or –2 penalty to this check, respectively, or as much as a +5 or –5 penalty for extraordinarily welcoming or xenophobic places. This activity can be performed only once per week per settlement.

Results: Consult the following table, using the result of your Charisma check to see the results of your activity.
2 or lessYou not only fail to make any connections, but you mistakenly offend an influential local. You take a –2 penalty to Diplomacy checks in this settlement for one week.
3–5You’re unable to gain a meaningful foothold in the community, but you gather some information that comes in handy, giving you a +2 insight bonus to the first Diplomacy check you attempt in this settlement in the next week.
6–15You get to know the local movers and shakers personally. The first time in the next week you would fail a Diplomacy check in this settlement, you can reroll that check.
16–24As 6–15, plus an influential community member likes your style and talks you up around town. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus to Diplomacy checks in this settlement for one week, and your attempts to gather information take 1 hour rather than 1d4 hours.
25+You become something of a minor local celebrity. You gain the benefits of 6–15 and 16–24 results above, and you also gain a +2 circumstance bonus to Profession checks in that settlement for one week.